5 Free Finance Calculators That Can Help You Save Money

Hope you have heard the name of financial calculators. These tools are great as they help you to save money and build a good financial status.

The important factor to note about these tools is that they are Free! Now the question, which might be in your mind, is – What Is a Financial Calculator?  Let us explain it a little to make you more savvy about the online ways to save money.

(A financial calculator is an electronic calculator that performs financial functions commonly needed in business. It has standalone keys for many financial calculations like budget, loan, income tax etc. and making such calculations are more direct than standard calculators. It may be user programmable, allowing the user to add functions that the manufacturer has not provided by default.) Ref: Wikipedia

How Will You Handle The Financial Calculator? – All you need is to enter the details of the financial position in the free financial calculator and generate an output consisting useful information on how to use your money, in the appropriate manner.

The American people prefer using free finance calculators every month. Why? Since they get financial help each month and they do not need to pay for using them. They often use this tool to finalize their financial decision.

One can get ample of benefit from the free financial calculators. Hence, we are sharing information 5 free financial calculators, in order to make you learn how to save money.

1. Loan Calculator

Are you searching for best quotes from lenders? Do you want to choose the one that has lower interest charges? Pick up a loan calculator to solve your problem.

What Can Do You On The Loan Calculator?

  • You can compare different lenders at the same time by this way.
  • The loan calculator helps to determine the loan payments with multiple lenders.
  • The loan calculator knows how much you have to pay if you want to forward an extra payment. Concisely you just need to require the amount of loan along with the payments.
  • It also helps to decide which option is most affordable.

2. Income-Tax Calculator

Americans are aware of the fact that they end up paying extra amount of tax, which they are not required to and this indicates that they are losing a lot of money every month. The particular reason for this is that most people do not know how to calculate the income tax. To solve this problem you can use the income tax calculator.

How Income Tax Calculator Works?

  • You should use the income tax calculator to make out how much you need to pay for federal, state, and social taxes. This is the only way by which you can get a net amount.
  • Moreover, income tax calculator will help you to know if you have made any extra payments and in such circumstances, you can ask for a rebate.

3. Budget Calculator

You can use this personal financial tool if you are a novice in managing your finances.

How It Works? - In order to analyze the budget you have to enter the income amount along with your expense into the budget calculator. The calculator will process useful information and give the estimate of the amount that will remain with you. You can easily subtract the income from the expenses and then take some wise decisions on saving the money. With this, you can ease out the process of spending money on necessary expenses.

4. Credit Card Calculator

Have you tried the new credit card calculator? It is going to provide you with a scary reading as it will tell, you the extreme situations of borrowing credit.

How It Works? - Type the existing balance of your credit card along with the interest rate that you forward every month. Now the calculator starts working on the information inserted in it. Let us help you out with an example:

For example, if you are having a balance of $6,000 you will definitely want to repay it slowly, then it will make some rough calculations and will tell that you can repay the balance in thirty-seven years. However, if you want to get rid of the debt burden earlier, then it will show that you can repay the same amount in a few years. This depends on the percentage of the money that you want to pay each month.

5. Debt Consolidation Calculator

Americans, prefer to take loans but many people fall into the prey of debts. They fear losing the secured assets in case of the defaults. The ideal way to deal with this kind of financial issue is to contact the debt settlement professionals. Nevertheless, a debt consolidation calculator can help you too. How? Let us see:

The debt consolidation calculator lets you know how much money one needs to pay in order to eliminate the debt burdens. You need to enter the amount of the debts that you possess and in turn, the calculator will let you know how much time is required to clarify the loan. A debt consolidation calculator is the most convincing tool for every financially cautious people.

Get the help of these five financial calculators to enjoy a better financial status. Embrace this few tools and become a smart investor in this New Year.

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