10 Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

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When designing websites, Photoshop is a great resource to use. However, this can be time consuming, very complex and difficult at times. This is where plugins come in to help! We have put together 10 Photoshop plugins that we think will be useful tools, aids and time cutting benefits when designing websites in Photoshop.Web-Font-Plugin

Web Font Plugin – free

Web Font Plugin is a simple and straight forward plugin that puts in the hard work behind creating mock ups of fonts for your websites. Web Font Plugin also gives you access to search through endless fonts and can also be connected to Google Fonts, making the options unlimited. A great font is essential on any well-built, great looking website so this plugin is a definite.Hexy-Photoshop-Plugin

Hexy – free

Hexy is a plugin that saves selecting layers, highlighting text and opening the Colour Picker to only choose a hex value of a colour.  Whereas on Hexy you can simply and quickly use the Eyedropper tool to select a colour of the object you had in mind and copy it straight onto your clipboard.


Cut&Slice Me – free

Cut & Slice Me is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to makes it really simple and easy to cut and slice your layouts. This great plugin works smoothly across all devices which allows for a fully responsive outcome and work to be done at any time, any place and on any device. This added boost to your workflow is all available for free, with a tutorial available making it accessible to all people with a wide breath of experience within the web design field.

Photoshop Social Share Plugin – free

It is essential when building a website and adding design features to take soicla media links into consideration. By adding easy share options into a website, the audience are able to share your content to all the people that follow them, which in turn creates hype and momentum for your website. Photoshop Social Share Plugin does just this.


Ink – free

Ink is a super useful and time saving plugin, created to help add depth of information to your newly designed website in terms of Photoshop. The specifics Ink is great for is for the mock up stage of your web design with accurate information on shape sizes, documenting your layers and even typography effects. Using Ink will give an overall more polished, neat and tidy finish.


Velositey – free

Velositey is a big name within the world of Photoshop and web design due to its evolved and incredible function as a plugin, having been featured in big names such as Smashing Magazine, dribble, codrops, PhotoshopLR and to name but a few. Velositey is a simple and easy plugin that allows you to create concepts in a matter of minutes, meaning you can get on with producing that actual website a lot faster. Velositey is a very customer facing company with regular updates to the plugin, meaning you can get the most out of it.


Layrs – free

Layrs prides itself in making ‘ a tedious job easier’. This photoshop extension features a collection of 7 layer scripts that fast track the building of your website. Layrs also features an option to remove unused effects on all selected layers and to have more control over your layers and make them clearer, by being able to label them individually giving you, the user, a lot more control. Once more, Layrs can rasterize smart objects, flatten all layers effects, delete empty layers, find similar anf relevant files and folders as well as being able to convert to smart object. All this come with the added bonus of being free!


CSS3Ps – free

CSS3Ps is a free cloud based Photoshop plugin that allows its users to convert your layers to CSS3. This makes the whole process a lot easier and a lot faster, as you can export all layers in just one click. Once more CSSP3s has features that work on and with multiple layers, inner glow, out shadow, border radius, stroke, colour and much more; this means your website has a lot of potential and will not lose how great looking it is when being converted.


Render.ly – free

Render.ly  is great plugin that allows for its users to put in variants to screens, add detailed design specs, manage assets and simply export them all with only one click at the end. This very in depth and highly developed Photoshop plugin would be perfect for any web designer.FLATICON

Flaticon – free

Flaticon is a brilliant, free plugin that is perfect for web designers that want to be able to quickly find an icon to suit them. Flaticon has 71,043 icons available to date, so you’ll be sure to find the right one for you.