23 Most Amazing Hyperrealistic Portraits That Will Make Your Day!

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Today we are sharing a beautiful and mesmerizing collection of hyperrealistic portraits created by brilliant artists around the Internet. We hope you would enjoy going through these wonderful works of art and would also get to know about what is hyperrealism and its use today.

What is Hyperrealistic Art and How it Started?

Hyperrealism is a form of art that is based on hyper-realistic rendering of people, scenes, landscapes and objects through paintings. The high quality rendered art-piece created as a result looks like a high resolution photograph of the subject. While quite a lot of artists today may be using hyperrealistic art technique but only a few have reached the level of quality that makes you stop blinking. Yes, this is because you cannot figure out whether the painting you are seeing is a photograph or a painting. Hyperrealistic Art is a very new art form as it began in the early 2000s, with its predecessors going back to B.C., you can only imagine a robust growth and fame in this art form in a lot of years but with the quick growing popularity I am sure its going to go a long way ahead.

Media used For Hyperrealistic Art

The media used to create hyperrealistic portraits and paintings vary from artist to artist and painting to painting. An artist has his/her own favorite media and the choice to use one specific medium may depend on the intensity or expression they want to create in their art piece. Many artists love using graphite pencils, pastels, oil paints, acrylics, some even use chalk and charcoal. There is no boundary when it comes to art or is there any?

What Critics Think Of Hyperrealistic Art?

Many art critics find this approach slightly off the mark of traditional art and believe that it has no comparison with traditional portraits. This is  an on going debate and remains a hot topic among fans of hyperrealism and traditional art.

Let’s explore some magnificent hyper-realistic portraits and paintings that will leave you wondering whether they are real people or paintings? Whether you are stunned by these awesome hyper-realistic portraits or not, let us know in the comments section below.

Wolumbin’s Child by Vanilla-TANK


Gandalf by JW-Jeong

gandalf_Acrylics on board

Persona (Face of Sir Ian McKellen) by JW-Jeong

Persona (Face of Sir Ian McKellen)

Hyperrealistic Self Portrait by JW-Jeong

Hyperrealistic Self Portrait

Homer by JW-Jeong

Hyperrealistic homer___detail_by_jw_jeong

Gemma Ward by FairyARTos

Hyperrealistic gemma_ward

An Elderly Man by FairyARTos


Dark Side of Ali by V-4-VENGEANCE

Hyperrealistic darkside_of_ali_by_v_4_vengeance-d5qhk07

Carouselambra b pieldepapel

Hyperrealistic  carouselambra

Link to making of Carouselambra

Maurizio by Benbe

Hyperrealistic maurizio

Velazquez reflection in eyes by Benbe

Hyperrealistic Diego_de_Silva

Ernesto Mies by Benbe


estudio portugal 4-2 by Benbe


Carmen Marquez detalle by Benbe


Keanue Reeves by eajna

Hyperrealistic keanu_reeves_by_eajna-d5skvg6

Bono (U2) by AmBr0


Link to making of Bono

The Murmur of the Innocents 18 by gottfriedhelnwein


Morgan Freeman by scratch12


Albert Einstein Hyperrealistic Portrait by jjkiefer


Guiding Star by Scott56

Hyperrealistic   guiding_star

Hunger by Briscott


Strange by Briscott

Hyperrealistic  strange_by_briscott-d3kdai4

Hope you enjoyed these hyper realistic paintings. What inspired you the most about them and which one of these do you think was the most realistic one to look at? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.