5 Tips and Tricks To Increase YouTube Views


Whether you’re a daily vlogger, artist video creator or just have a hobby of using YouTube then this article is great for you. We have all hit that plateau where no more viewers or followers are pouring in and being YouTube famous is a mere dream compared to the amount of hits your videos are getting! This article focuses on ways, tips and skills to boosts those YouTube views, who wouldn’t want that right?

Have a great Title

Having a great title is the starting point to having more views; this may sound self-explanatory but in theory this is the first hurdle a lot of people fall at. When choosing a title make it simple, current and relevant so your viewers are the target audience you are aiming your video at. Using a title that is relevant to current trends and affairs is dangerous though; it all depends on if you are looking for lots of long term viewers or a single hit as trends can go in and out in the time your video has been uploaded! Now if you’re reading these thinking damn all my titles aren’t great but I haven’t got any more content to upload then don’t worry. There is a method to edit and change current video titles already uploaded on YouTube.

Include a detailed description

Description seems like another obvious point but once again so many don’t take advantage of it, to use it to benefit their views and channel. Just like the titles, there is a way current, already uploaded videos can be edited so read carefully!

At the beginning of the description you should add a catchy and include keywords relevant to your video (note: try to avoid spam keywords because this will just damage your channel and the image you’re trying to create)

Include your URL if this is relevant to your video; this may be if you are reviewing products and you want to link where to buy this product.

A brief blog style overview; YouTube has provided the description area for this very reason. This overview is your chance to sell your video, add some personality and possibly draw in viewers who choose to read the description first (especially if your video is long).

Think of some Tags

Though similar the previous points, this is where you become strategic and tactical! Just like on Instagram, it is key to pick out the popular tags in order for your video to get noticed. However, this does not give free license to tag just anything, buy tagging a very popular but irrelevant tag such as ‘fashion’ under a gaming vlog this can cause annoyance and confusion amongst potential viewers and subscribers which in turn reflects your page badly. So avoiding that, there are endless amount of tags to use and definitely take advantage of that!

Choose an attractive Thumbnail Image

Yes we are all taught never judge a book by its cover but unfortunately I’m sure we can all admit to mindlessly scrolling through YouTube and choosing the video with the most appealing or eye catching thumbnail image! So if you are like me why not make the effort to create, customise and enhance your thumbnail image paired with your video. In order to stand out from all the other videos try to make your front image visually appealing, professional (no one likes the paint edit that could be made by a 5 year old!) and eye catching.

Upping your Subscribers

In this case if you don’t ask, you don’t get! The most obvious way to boost views is by having more subscribers and in order to get subscribers you will have to ask. By adding a friendly, playful annotation at the end of the video or in the description to subscribe is an easy way to gain followers through YouTube. Additionally, if you can get a shout out by someone with lots of subscribers this helps too; once again this will only happen by asking too! Once you start gaining subscribers it is a great idea to try to post regularly so you keep their attention. This may seem a long and tedious process but remember everyone needs to start somewhere and the proof is out there with YouTube famous Zoella and Pewdiepie.