50 Awesome Free Slideshow, Image and Content Slider jQuery Plugins

Looking for free jQuery image sliders, image gallery and slide show plugins? We have complied a super awesome list of 50 free to download jQuery image and content slider plugins. So you get a whole bunch of 50 whooping image sliders, content sliders and slide shows to choose from. Each one of these has a unique purpose and would be of an excellent value to web designers and developers. If you get confused read the description we have provided with each one of these plugins to have an idea of where to use them. We have also added a tutorial on how to create a jQuery image slider plugin, so you will have an idea of how to create your own. Some of these do not require any jQuery knowledge so non-programmers can also take benefit of them 😀

Feel free to download from this fresh and excellent collection of jQuery plugins. Enjoy!


This is a simple jQuery plugin to create slideshows. Comes with a number of features for amateur and professional developers.

SlideJS jQuery free image Slider1



This is one of the best free image sliders jQuery plugins. Very innovative and easy to use.

niva slider


Coin Slider

This light weight easy to use jQuery image slider plugin is compatible with Android and iPhone too. Offers unique transition effects and a flexible configuration.



Responsive Image Gallery With Thumbnail Carousel

This is a Twitter inspired image gallery. Create a beautiful responsive image gallery with or without thumbnail views.

Responsive Image Gallery jQuery plugin


WoW Slider

This is a fully responsive free jQuery plugin that creates awesome slide shows with a wow effect and amazing transitions.

wow slider



This is a very comprehensive jQuery plugin. Add themes and effects to individual images, resize panels and add links to different slides.




This is a lightweight, flexible and easy to customize jQuery image slider plugin that comes with very nice transitions.

choco-slider jQuery


Webcam Photobooth

A new concept and a very innovative jQuery plugin that allows website visitors to take photos with their web-cams and upload it to the image gallery.

jquery webcam ohotobooth slider


Supersized jQuery Plugin

This jQuery image slideshow plugin provides a nice and supersized background to the slide-show.

jQuery free image Slider10



This is a simple and classical jQuery image gallery plugin that helps you create nice hover effects over the images used in the gallery.

jQuery free image Slider11


jQuery LightBox

Use this simple jQuery plugin to overlay images on the current page. Its lightweight, classy and elegant.

jQuery free image Slider13



This jQuery plugin makes it easy for you to rotate images used in the slide show. Create a dramatic visual effect with the help of this easy to customize jQuery plugin.

jQuery free image Slider14



Flip between images by using this easy to use, fully customizable jQuery image slider plugin.

jquery sliders plugin


Featured Content Slider

As the name suggests, this is a slick auto playing jQuery content slider that is ideal for use as a featured content slider.

Featured Content Slider15



This is a simple, responsive jQuery photo viewer. View the full images by clicking on smaller images available on the gallery page. Easy to use. Fully customizable.

jQuery free image Slider16



A very nice and slick jQuery image slider plugin. Fully customizable and simply stylish.

jQuery free image Slider19


Awkward Showcase

Add tool tips, active dynamic heights, add thumbnails and do a lot more with this wonderful jQuery image showcase plugin.

jQuery free image Slider20



With this simple jQuery plugin you can use not only images but videos and YouTube plus iFrames etc to the slideshow too. This is a very nice media box for your web projects.

jQuery free image Slider21



This beautiful jQuery image slider plugin is ideal for portfolio sites and other image gallery sites. It provides thumbnail options too. Slide between images and add text to your images with this simple to setup jQuery plugin.

jQuery free image Slider22



A simple and responsive image slider that helps you create a nice and dramatic effect to your images.

jQuery free image Slider23


Polaroid Photo Viewer

This is a creative jQuery plugin that helps you create an interactive image gallery. Fun to display on travel blogs and portfolio sites to make the user experience more interactive.

jQuery free image Slider24



This image slider jQuery plugin comes with tons of features like play/pause buttons, enter full screen mode, enable thumbnails and a lot more. Cool to use on your gallery websites or portfolio sites. Also would suit corporate websites for demonstration purposes.

jQuery free image Slider25



Lay it out horizontally or vertically, wherever you use it, it will go into it easily as this is a fully responsive jQuery image slider.

jQuery free image Slider26


Bubble Effect

This jQuery slide show plugin breaks free of the boring slideshow effects by adding a cool bubble effect in between image transitions.

bubble effect jQuery plugin



This content slider enables free view between images and videos. Slide between images or view videos with this smart jQuery content slider plugin.

yoxview free jquery plugin



This is a cool jQuery image slider plugin that helps you add tag like notes to the images. Punch in a short title or funny description to your images with this cool plugin.

jQuery free image Slider29



This jQuery website slider plugin lets you explore your creativity by providing no default theme with it. Create your own themes and play with your imagination by using this plugin. No jQuery knowledge required!

jQuery free image Slider30



Fade, shuffle, zoom, curtain or scroll images by using this awesome jQuery slideshow plugin on your website. Ideal for all types of slideshows.

jQuery free image Slider31



This cool image slider plugin is ideal for product or eCommerce sites. Add a nice visual effect to your products by displaying them with this amazing jQuery plugin.

jQuery free image Slider for ecommerce


Apple Gallery

This is a cool Apple like jQuery gallery plugin that helps you create an image slider just like the one Apple has used on its website. Cool, isn’t it?

jQuery free apple gallery plugin



Swipe through photos with this touch-enabled free jQuery plugin for touch devices. This is one of the best I have come across.

touch enabled free jQuery plugin



This panoramic jQuery image slider plugin helps you create a panorama of images used. Add a dramatic visual effect to your portfolio site or create an online exhibition gallery with this pretty little plugin.

panorama image gallery jQuery plugin



Easily stretch your background image to fill the whole window with this cool jQuery plugin. Easy to use, supports single as well as multiple images.

jQuery free image Slider37


Beautiful jQuery Slider tutorial

Learn to create a beautiful jQuery image slider by going through this step by step tutorial.

jQuery free image Slider tutorial

Visit Tutorial Page


Its time to shine! Add animated shine effect to your image gallery with this awesome jQuery image slider plugin. Make your image gallery look like a polaroid image gallery. Wow! This is awesome.

jQuery free image Slider39



This cool image slider plugin uses light box to enable full view of large images used in your image gallery.

pirobox jquery plugin


Fullscreen Slideshow With Html5 Audio and Jquery

This awesome image slider jQuery plugin not only provides visual but also audio solutions. Add life to your gallery by adding audio to your images with this awesome audio supported jQuery plugin.

jQuery free image Slider with audio


Animate Panning Slideshow

This jQuery slideshow plugin helps you animate your slideshow by adding a panning effect to your images.

jQuery free image animator Slider42



This is a smooth slideshow plugin that smoothly scrolls between images and adds motion to them.

jQuery free image Slider43



This is a basic, easy to use image slider jQuery plugin that enables a slide show with/without thumbnails.




This is a fully responsive, mobile optimized image slider jQuery plugin. Add multiple sliders on your pages with this free plugin.

jQuery free image Slider45


Fullscreen Background Image Slideshow

Add a full screen background image to your slideshow to create a dramatic effect with this awesome jQuery plugin.

full bg image jquery plugin


SlideShow Auto-advance jQuery Plugin

This is an elegant jQuery plugin that enables a light box to view images.

jQuery free image Slider46


Circular Content Carousel With Jquery

Follow this to create a circular content jQuery slider that will enable sliding between images.

jQuery free image Slider47



Magnify images with the help of this cool image magnifying jQuery plugin.

jQuery free image Slider48


Slide in on Scroll jQuery

Add a slide in on scrool effect to your slideshows with the help of this easy to follow jQuery plugin.

jQuery free image Slider49



This cool image slider jQuery plugin helps you use 12 different transition effects, enable thumbnail navigation and scale your images and the list goes on.

jQuery free image Slider50



This is a professional jQuery image slider plugin that helps you create professional slideshows and image galleries for your web projects.

jQuery free image Slider51


Shutter Effect Portfolio

Add a dramatic shutter effect to your images with the help of this cool image gallery jQuery plugin. Draw your own effects with the help of canvas provided. Enjoy!

jQuery free image Slider52


Image Gallery

This simple and easy to jQuery customize image gallery will enhance the look of your website and create a professional look.



So this is it. Hope you liked our collection of free jQuery image sliders and slideshow plugins. Use these free jQuery image sliders in your web galleries, portfolio sites, business websites and wherever you can fit them in!

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff coming your way!

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