7 Mobile Apps to Create Website Mockups, Prototypes and Wireframes

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Creating mockups, wireframes and prototypes is often a job best saved for the desktop as it allows for more minute and specific controls. However, if you’re making an application for mobile devices and wish to do so on a mobile device then there’s no better way than to download a dedicated application for such a job.

However, finding the right application for you can be troublesome sometimes and so we have narrowed the list down to 7 mobile apps that allow you to create wireframes, mockups or prototypes in really high quality. These apps feature plenty of features and will all do the right job, but it’s finding the one that suites you perfectly which is important.

Penultimate (free)


Penultimate is a great application for those looking to simple draw out their Wireframes if they find this an easier technique than dragging individual elements all over the screen. It’s got an up-to-date user interface and is made by the incredibly trusted Evernote team so synchronises with your Evernote team which will pull a lot of people in with it’s ability to then view the content elsewhere.

OmniGraffle 2 ($49.99)

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OmniGraffle 2 is a premium application for iPhone and iPad that offers lots of features that allow you to alter your wireframes and mockups in incredible detail. This includes features such as: altering each individual point on the x and y axis, user-submitted stencils and hundreds of more features that make this a truly professional and premium application to use.

Blueprint ($19.99)


Blueprint for iOS doesn’t have the best UI out of all the applications on this list as it’s not been updated to iOS’ new UI paradigms. However, it still offers plenty of incredible features that make it worth it’s money and makes the draw-back of a less than exciting user interface absolutely fine.

It includes lots of iOS specific elements such editable widgets, it saves periodically so you have no worries about losing a mass amount of work, supports VGA and HDMI output to view projects on a second screen and many more features.

AppCooker ($19.99)

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AppCooker is a more updated application that offers up a very intuitive and easy way to prototype your applications using modern iOS elements that you can drag and drop into your application to create it’s look.

The drag and drop ability with modern iOS elements makes this a great application for creating quick and easy mockups of exactly what you want your application to look like. As you can see from the image above, the same prototyping tool can be used to create great mockups such as the Instagram application.

Mockability (free)


Mockability offers a mobile-only user interface and currently has no support for iPad. However, it’s a very intuitive and easy to use application to use especially on the new and larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Mockability allows you to create app mockups that you can then add buttons and user programmable features too. This means you can create a mockup within the app that allows you to navigate it like most other applications within the app store which is a nice touch and allows for a more complete and finished feel.

Interface 3 ($9.99)


Interface 3 is another brilliant application that works similarly to AppCooker in that it offers you a live view of your application on the left and then allows you to edit elements and bring in elements from the right.

It takes great advantage of the iPad display and allows for pinch to zoom and easy and intuitive manipulation of the objects to make the final app UI look exactly how you want it. One of Interface 3’s highlight features is the ability to export your prototype into a viewable presentation on their servers that can include transitions and animations within the app to create a next-level presentation of the prototype.

iMockups for iPad ($6.99)

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iMockups is another app on our list that hasn’t been updated with the more modern iOS UI standard that Apple set in place with iOS7. However, this does not take away from it’s functionality and features which are the highlight of this application.

Some of the features that iMockups offers are: snap-to-gridlines, pre-built dynamic controls, email projects to other iPad users or export projects to a PNG for those without an iPad. There’s plenty more features that make this a great purchase for anyone looking to build a mockup for an application.