7 Most Important Qualities that Every Web Designer Must Have

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Taking a look at the past year and the year before that and all the years before them, we will today take a look at some of the most important, I would rather say quintessential qualities that are required by a web designer to gain success.

Web designing is a fun job to do as you have to bring your vision to life in the form of graphics, typography and different layouts. The most challenging thing about web designing is that it doesn’t only require a creative perk but also a technical brain. You do not only have to be a good designer but you also have to know how to make it work from the back-end. All in all a web designer is more of a package of a designer and a bit of a developer. If they are not, it’s hard to survive these days.

Web designing relates to playing with layouts, graphics, color schemes, typography, navigation buttons, user interface of a website and yes, search engine optimization. If the website is to be designed for a business, which is the main reason for unprecedented growth of this industry, then the ultimate aim is to catch the customer. Web designing profession requires a vast array of skills and qualities in order to be successful. Keeping in mind the changing trends of the industry and the troubles most of the web designers face these days, we have compiled a list of some very important yet over-looked qualities that a web designer must possess to become successful. Feel free to read them thoroughly and don’t forget to apply them on your next project!

Communication Skills can Save A Web Designer’s Life

communication skills of a web designer

The first and fore-most quality of a web designer is that s/he possesses great communication skills. Of course other fields require the same ability to communicate but when you are in the web designing business you must learn to communicate on a professional level. A good web designer has to pay attention to what the client demands. He must also be able to communicate his ideas effectively. He should be able to deal when it comes to project acquisition and later on a good web designer would keep his clients updated about the process going on.

Knowledge of Processes

web design process

Only those can plan efficiently who have a thorough knowledge of the processes involved in web designing. It’s not an easy job to take the client’s requirements and start working on designing the website. A good web designer plans before implementing the design. They think ahead of time and know how to convince the client about their ideas. A good web designer is not lazy in developing a design skeleton, getting it approved and on having got a green signal from the client picking up speed to deploy the design. A smart web designer must know how to tackle changing a design if for some reason a modification is required later on.

Creativity Pays


Web designing is a creative process. Sometimes one has to break the norms to get success. In addition to creativity a good web designer should have the aesthetic sense to complement an artistic design. Optimized use of colors, graphics and fonts is necessary for the completion of a successful design.

Good Business Sense Shines!


Web designing is not just about creating a website. A good designer should know about the business/ genre for which he is designing the website. Website content is very critical in creating the right impression about a certain business. The website should not be misleading, it should convey the purpose well.

Learn Web Programming Languages – they don’t bite

Web Programming Languages

Oh no!!! Oh, yes… This is the part of web designing that most of the web designers dread. But believe me, if you invest a little in language, it does pay you off well. All designers start from HTML and then steadily increases their portfolio. CSS is another imperative commodity every web designer should learn.

Web Design Tools can Get you Through

ftp client

There is an array of different web designing tools available which are used for prototyping, code hinting, finding color variations, debugging and analyzing codes. FTP client is used for transferring files from the computer to the web server and is thus a lifeline of web designing. Fetch for Mac and FTP Voyager for Windows are popular FTP clients with graphical interface.

Some of the most popular web design tools are Firebug, Adobe DreamWeaver, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop. The tools one selects for web designing also need to be compatible with the operating system being used. Earlier Windows systems were the most popular but now there are enough tools available for Mac. Linux is also not far behind. Most of the tools are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Therefore it really doesn’t matter which operating system is chosen by the website designer.

Handling Deadlines Efficiently


Sleepless nights, coffee in veins and red eyes are all symptoms of a designer having reached the end of day of a final submission. Great designers stay cool and calm and keep their nerves steady when deadlines are approaching. They maintain a planner, stay focused on work and keep a balance between work and rest. The best way web designers can handle deadlines is by leaving a bit of extra social activities, cutting on entertainment (it’s just a matter of few days) and not paying too much attention on who wins the elections…

So that was it. What we learnt today from this post was that:

  • Some of the most essential skills required in web designing are excellent communication, planning and good knowledge of business (knowing how to deal with customers and handle them).
  • Without having knowledge of HTML and CSS, a web designer cannot survive in this competitive industry.
  • Creativity and aesthetic sense are pivotal in standing out from the crowd.
  • Luck and references can also come handy in times of need.

Happy designing and a very Happy New Year to all our readers!