9 Educational Websites That Your Kids Will Love


There are innumerable websites spread all over the internet. With the present age high-speed connections we can browse bulky websites in minutes and most of us keep wandering over the internet without any purpose. There is so much information on different topics that very few of us are able to concentrate on our original goal in a single sitting and we ultimately gain nothing in terms of knowledge. Before our children get addicted to the internet in such a destructive way, there are some sites that are recommended for addressing different aspects of their personality grooming. To follow are some of the best websites for kids:

1. K Bears

Very interactive and engaging website for kids that help kids explore a great treasure of knowledge tangled with fun. It includes information on animals, dinosaurs, geography and other things that kids might otherwise find boring. The beautifully made animation and graphics make learning fun for kids and to tell you the truth, adults too! (http://www.kbears.com/)

2. Kids Know It

Whether we know it or not, kids would know it for sure if they visit this educational website. It has a lot more activities than any other website. This website offers fun activities and information on any topic that a kid looks for. From animals to astronomy, this website educates kids in a very interactive manner, thus increasing the chances of learning even more. (http://www.kidsknowit.com/)

3. Ask Kids

This is a wonderful website for kids. It contains three categories: Movies, Games and Answers. The website is powered by Ask search engine and contains the more relevant and easy to access contents for fulfilling the needs of children between the age of 6 and 12 years. (http://www.askkids.com/)

4. Nick

Kids can watch videos, play games, enjoy music and interact with child celebrities through this website. The website is structured for preschool and teens. It also shows what is trending and contains elements for networking among children as well. (http://www.nick.com/)

5. Zui

The website claims to store content from five million websites. It is suitable for children aged from 3 to 12 years. If parents want their children to explore the internet then this website is the right channel for their kids. Yes, it is safe and informative! (zui.com/)

6. Storyline Online

With the present day hectic life it is difficult to find time for children to tell stories. Story telling is not only fun for these little beings but it also builds moral and ethical values in them which are the foundations of their character. The members of the foundation which is running this website read aloud different stories for children. So let your kids explore the website, if you don’t find much time to read them yourselves. (http://www.storylineonline.net/)

7. Language Learning

The best age for learning different languages is when we are in preschool or in lower grads. Although we can learn them later but it takes our focus away from our normal routine, unless of course, our job is the same. Children can learn dozens of languages here and make friends from other countries and cultures. (http://www.chillola.com/index.html/)

8. Animal’s Names

This website is useful for children up to grade three. It contains a list of animals with their male, female, offspring and group name. Colorful depiction of animals, related quizzes and activities make learning fun for kids. (http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/animals/Animalbabies.shtml)

9. Physical Education Update

Physical health is one of the most fundamental aspects of a child’s upbringing. On this website kids will get a lot of tips, tricks and information on different techniques used to keep their body fit. The website has rich content in the form of standard articles with illustrations and videos. (http://www.physicaleducationupdate.com/)

There are numerous websites fittingly built for kids. They set high standards for safety of children. They address categories like general and subject related knowledge, videos, games, story telling, animals and plants. Kids will benefit a lot by using these websites on the internet.