Amazing Art of Minimalist Photography – 30 Creative Minimalist Photos and Awesome Tips

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Minimalist photography is a photography form that involves capturing your subject in a relation with its environment in such a way that the most minimal surroundings are captured to create a subtle and underwhelmed feel of the whole atmosphere. There are thousands of minimalist photographers who are always in search of that priceless moment/environment that they can capture to exhibit that less is more minimalist photo feel.

How to Get Started – Awesome Tips for Minimalist Photographers

Focus on Your Surroundings, Not Just the Subject

The secret of capturing the best minimalist photo lies in whether or not your subject is in harmony with its surroundings. Environment, background or foreground can either ruin your photograph or make it a huge success. The best way to measure this level of synchronization between the two is by looking at your subject through various angles and taking care of the photo’s composition.

Inspiration for Minimalist Photographers

Minimalist photographers seek inspiration in a variety of objects that include but are not restricted to nature, abstract art, architecture, people, everyday life objects and landscapes.

How to Make Your Subject Stand Out in a Minimalist Setting?

The placement of your object and its distance from the camera is totally unrestricted. Photographing minimalism is an art photography and thus has its own feel. Whether you choose to make your object look sharp and stand out from the rest or just want it submerged with all the other elements of the photo totally depends on what mood you want to create for your photo. Your background should have the least details, otherwise the attention will be diverted towards it rather than your subject.

Trust your Instincts, Be Creative

Again, if you are new to minimalist photography never let your creativity go in vain. Make the best use of your composition, look at your object from many different angles and see how you can balance the rest of the environment with that minimal object you are focusing on. The rest is in how powerful shot you capture and how everything goes in harmony with each other. Wish you all the best.

Now if you are looking for some amazing minimalist photos for inspiration, we have some very creative examples for all the enthusiast minimalist photographers out there. Even if you are not into photography, these interesting photos captured in minimalism will still inspire you. So go ahead and take a look!

Is that a Flower Pot? by Mathijs Delva

Is that A Flower Pot

Minimalist by Rivello

minimalist details

Minimalist Window by Riccardo Monaco

minimalist window

Lonely Camel Guide by boogiestbc

Lonley Camel Guide

Pianissimo by mdumlao98


Minimalist Chair by CubaGallery

Minimalist Chair

An Isotophic Window Matrix by Dr. Akira TAKAUE

An Isotophic Window Matrix

Minimalist Minehead Marker by woodacus

Minimalist Minehead Marker

Minimalist. Beach, Sea and Lamp by jalbusac

Minimalist. Beach, sea and lamp

Minimalist Doorlock by sgrace

Minimalist Doorlock

T H R E E By Keith Aggett Photography


Room for Thoughts by boogiesbc

Room For Thoughts

Orange Flower by Anthony Thomas [aka wabberjocky]orange flower

Minimalist Blade of Grass by poka0059

Minimalist Blade of Grass

Minimalist landscape by Pixie Pix (Thelms Eye)

Minimalist landscape

Colorful by Paul SKG Photography


Another Minimalist by melcsee

Another Minimalist

Minimalist Nature by bajanexile

Minimalist Tree

Skateboarder in the mist by Jens Stolt

Skateboarder in the mist

Minimalist Morning by joe chan photos

Minimalist morning

Icicle by boogiesbc


Linear by Andy.Schultz


Minimalist Owl and Moon by Peyman Az

Minimalist Owl and Moon

Pool with Frog by Unknown Photographer

Pool with frog

Echoes of Darkness, Echoes of Light by down_the_rabbit_hole

Echoes of Darkness

Half Empty by Ryan Thomas Snider

Half Empty

iLeaf by ‘zuL’


Outsmarted by Descriptimage


Pigeons by Unknown Photographer


Minimalist Flower by Phantasmagorie

Minimalist Flower

Hope you got a lot of inspiration from this beautiful form of photography. If you have any tips for minimalist photographers then do share them here with everyone.