Apple Facing Major Problems Against Korean Competitor

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The two most prominent smart phone giants are now battling out a war of patents against each other at a global scale. On one hand Apple claims that Samsung has in fact stolen a number of key design elements and physical features from Apple’s smart phone and tablet line up. Whereas on the other hand the South Korean manufacturer Samsung, claims that the California based iPad developers have stolen phone interface and software feature ideas from them, and has also falsely claimed the title to a couple of technologies as well.

The whole issue of stealing ideas and trespassing on copyrighted styles and technologies gained momentum when Samsung debuted their very successful flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S3. At around the same time on the other side of the world Apple was introducing their iPhone 5, both these smart phone devices offer cutting edge technology and in nearly every field are fierce competitors. In terms of hardware, the devices are reasonably matched with the S3 featuring a number of components which are bigger and more powerful than those featured on the fifth generation iPhone. Whereas the S3 makers claim that a number of software features on the iPhone 5 have been taken from their device.

The main issue that Apple had was the design of the Galaxy S3, claiming that Samsung had worked on ideas and styles which are patented by Apple. The simple and sleek outlook of the device, according to Apple, is far too closely similar to their device, and is therefore worthy of some form of fine. What Apple aims to achieve is not only a major fine on Samsung but also a ban on their product in the US, where it has rapidly gained a lot of popularity. As the S3 becomes more widely available in the US a greater number of people are likely to go for this device rather than the iPhone 5, and since they are similar in design and functionality it corrodes the edge which Apple had worked so hard to develop.

Though, defendants of Samsung’s case claim that no such phenomenon is evident and have also called in witnesses, which include the designers of both the S3’s physical outlook as well as user interface. The witnesses were called in to present their stance in front of a jury as opposed to a bench trial in which a single judge overlooks the case and decides which decision is to be made.

In the midst of all the accusations hurled at Samsung, the firm decided to turn the tables on Apple, and lodged complaints against their user interface feature, for instance stating that Apple had wrongly claimed to be the developer of the multi-touch interface, as the technology was around from before Apple claims to have invented it.

Things only got worse with the deployment of the latest Android based tablets from Samsung, which Apple also penalized as being an infringement to their registered patents. However, the matter of the tablets from Samsung was ruled out by several courts and the UK courts went on to have Apple edit the statement regarding the Samsung tablets they had published on their website. In response to this Apple requested a two week time frame to make changes, yet was granted only twenty four hours. The result of this is yet to come forth. Other than the Seoul District court, in all other courts of the world where these issues between the two firms have been tried one of the two has won. The Seoul District court is the only one where both were found to be guilty.

Below is what the leading smart phone giant Apple had to say while retracting the apology it should have made.

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