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The Most Common Hacker Types You Need To Look Out For


Six main hacker types have been identified by cyber security company Cloudmark, which have individual motives and tactics to threaten the security of businesses and individuals. Knowing what to look out for will help you to shield yourself from having your cyber security compromised by one of these hackers.  The first...

The Internet Of Things Explained


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase that is becoming widely used when referring to technology advancements and large corporations, but what does it mean?  An example involving a fridge is one of the most common used to explain the IoT. As one of the main points of the...

Oster Hous Group smart glasses

New Smart Glasses Set For Release Next Year


Smart glasses made by the Osterhout Design Group have been mainly for government clients, but at CES this year the company announced plans to release a consumer smart glass version next year.  Ahead of the consumer glass launch, the Osterhout Design Group’s is working on the R-7, a new smart...

Teads Hopes To Transform Online Video Ads


Watching video adverts is something that none of us like to do. Sitting through unskippable ads can be very boring when you just want to see the content you clicked on, and having to skip through adverts often seems like an inconvenience. A survey conducted by advert software company Strata...


First Public Jetpack Set To Go On Sale in 2016


It has been announced that the world’s first commercial jetpack will go on sale next year and will cost $150,000.   A New Zealand company named Martin Jetpack is planning to release the craft, which will be fuelled by petrol. It has been in development for 35 years and is now...

Quill Software Replaces Journalists By Writing Popular News Stories


A company called Narrative Science has invented the Quill software, which writes journalistic news stories. At present, the software can only write business stories and basic sports reports, but it is hoped that the software will be able to write full reports on popular news subjects before long.  Narrative Science is...


Bricklaying Robot Hadrian May Put Builders Out Of Business


Created by an Australian engineer, the Hadrian robot can build a whole house in two days. Human builders must work for at least six weeks to build a house, and they must take weekend breaks and holidays. But Hadrian can work everyday and doesn’t need to take breaks, building a whole...

Huge Solar Storm May Disrupt Power and GPS


Huge solar storms are set to continue battering earth for the next few weeks. They could disrupt GPS signals and power grids, but auroras could be seen.  Strong shots of magnetic plasma are being forced out from the sun and are traveling at a much faster speed than usual according...