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The 5 Secret Projects Google (Alphabet) Are Working On


Google, for quite some years now, have had a secret part of their organisation that work on projects that are fairly unrelated to anything we’ve┬áseen from them in the mainstream. This is why recently Google changed their organisation name to Alphabet so to allow for investors and stock traders to...


Top 5 Features Coming in iOS9


SO WWDC has been and gone and despite the lack of interesting rumours, some rather really exciting announcements were made for previous Apple product owners and developers alike. Obviously there was no new hardware as this isn’t usually the time for it, that comes later in the Fall. However, we...


The Best Games From Gamescom This Year


Gamescom has been and gone and left us with a lot of great teases and looks at some new games to expect later this year and in 2016. Without a doubt, 2015 has been one of the best years for gaming reveal in quite some time. It’s been exciting not...

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10 Free Tools to Start Your Podcast From Scratch


The podcasting world has recently exploded in America with the number of Americans tuning into podcasts doubling from 9% to 17% in January 2015 since 2008. This number definitely suggests that Podcasting is something you should look to bring your business into with a lot of people finding them great...

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Why Don’t We Love Tablets As Much Anymore?


Over the past couple of years, tablets have seen a massive decline in sales and interest from the general public. Even the behemoth that is the iPad that started off the tablet hype way back in 2010 has seen sales declining. But tablets are computer replacements right? Wrong. We have...


Can a Smartphone Camera Replace A DSLR?


We live in a time where smartphones are without a doubt the number one camera used to take pictures and then uploaded to the places we mainly see them: social networks. As a result, the camera on our smartphone is often our go-to camera despite the likes of DLSRs and...


Top 10 Code Editors You Should Try


There are plenty of code editors available to download out on the web that allow you to view, edit and alter your code in plenty of different user interfaces with loads of alternative features available to you. If you’re looking to get into code editing or are a veteran and...


Essential Mac Apps for Your new iMac/Macbook


With Macs becoming more and more popular within the PC world but more the Laptop world, more and more people are developing an interest for getting the best new apps for your brand new iMac/Macbook. The App Store is a great place to find all these applications as it offers...


Exciting Technology To Expect Throughout The Rest of 2015


Technology is a year of the sequels and potentially the year of a brand new Apple product, if the rumours are true. We are going to see some exciting new smartwatches, tablets, phones and more. There’s no doubt that there’s still some very exciting products to come out of the...