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free web design books

5 Free eBooks to Begin Your Web Design Career


Within this article we have brought together 5 eBooks we feel are a necessary aid to being your career in web design. eBooks are a really easy, accessible and not to mention cheaper way of gathering important information to have in order to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to...

5 Things Android Wear Can Do that the Apple Watch Can’t


We've decided to list 5 things Android Wear can do that the Apple Watch can't for those of you who are looking for a smart watch or maybe specifically and Android Wear smart watch and are wondering what is so much better about Android Wear as opposed to it's main...

old web design trends

5 Web Design Trends To Say Goodbye To


This is a new generation of web design that relies on new technologies and has new fashionable and trendy designs to use. Websites are cleaner than ever, websites are quicker than ever and websites are more beautiful than ever. So let's get into 5 web design trends to say goodbye to....

8 Tips and Tricks to Increase Social Shares on Your Website


We all know that these days, one of the best ways to publicise your website and indeed increase the amount of traffic to your website is social media sharing. To be more specific, the best way is to optimise your social media sharing. In fact, it’s become so important that...

5 Web Design Trends to Look for In The Future


We've narrowed this list down to 5 examples that will give you some ideas of things to make note of when designing your next website, whether it be for a client or for yourself. So here at 5 web design trends to look for in the future....

The Top 10 Google Cardboard Apps and Games


Google Cardboard is one of the coolest things Google has introduced over the past few years, offering the general public the chance to experience virtual reality at a highly affordable cost. Surprisingly, despite the cheap hardware costs, the software works incredibly well most of the time and as a result,...

5 Of The Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android


Taking that perfect photo is certainly no easy job, however then taking that photo and editing is arguably an even harder job. You’ve got to make that image look like something professional and worth representing your brand on social media or even on your website. Therefore, we thought we’d compile...