Top 10 Perfect Styluses For Your iPad


If you’re a big fan of your iPad but find using your finger for writing and drawing leaves you with imprecise lines and marks, then a stylus will be just what you need. However, some are inaccurate or not conductive enough to create more precision than a finger, so it’s important to choose an iPad stylus that has been recommended to you and not make a choice based solely on design or the manufacturer’s description. To help you, we’ve made a list of 10 of the best styluses for your iPad so that you can choose one tfits your needs without worrying that it won’t live up to expectations. Take a look at our recommendations below: 

AmPen Hybrid Stylus $6.95 

Perfect Styluses For Your iPad- amped

The AmPed is labelled as being as responsive as your fingertips and has a pen form with a soft fibre tip that protects your iPad screen from scratches. The conductive fibre tip is also replaceable which cuts down on costs when the tip becomes worn out. The convenience of the pen design means it will be difficult to lose- slide the clip onto your clothing when its in your pocket or click the included lanyard into your iPad’s earphone jack to make sure the stylus stays with you. 

Kensington Virtusos $15.99 

The Virtuoso is a stylish stylus for the iPad that is available in a range of colours and features a ball-clip for security when in your pocket. This stylus has a good weight to it and includes a ballpoint pen on one end for convenience. In addition the soft rubber tip won’t scratch or smudge your screen. 

Maglus Stylus £35.99 

Perfect Styluses For Your iPad- maglus

The Maglus is shaped like a carpenter’s pencil to allow for better grip and the firm tip has high sensitivity to ensure accuracy on the screen. While this is an expensive model, the Maglus is one of the best styluses for iPad as the tip is incredibly smooth, meaning its easy to create sharp lines on the touchscreen. In addition the Maglus is magnetic and can cling to the side of your iPad conveniently.  

Adonit Jot Pro $29.99 


The Adonit Jot Pro is very precise and uses the design of a clear dampening cushion disk on the nib which allows you to see exactly where you’re pointing the stylus. The carrying clip means you’ll always have it when you need it and the fine tip is perfect for writing. 

Lynktek TruGlide Pro $24.99 

Perfect Styluses For Your iPad- lynktec

The micro fibre tip on the Lynktek TruGlide is what makes this one of the best iPad styluses as it looks like metal but feels soft so as not to scratch the screen. The tip is hard wearing but very smooth on the screen which makes it perfect for drawing and painting when you’re not looking to create sharp corners. The tip is also interchangeable so can be swapped for Lynktek’s Artist Paintbrush stylus if you’d like to purchase additional accessories. 

BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive Stylus $13.95  

This mesh nibbed iPad stylus is lightweight and includes three lanyards- two for the iPad’s earphone jack and one charm clip so that you can store the stylus in a convenient place for taking around with you. The firm tip is made from mesh which makes it responsive, accurate and smooth for writing on the iPad’s touch screen, plus it can be used at any angle. 

The Friendly Swede Basics Six Pack $7.99  

Perfect Styluses For Your iPad- friendly swede

If you’re looking for a budget stylus for your iPad then you can’t go wrong with this six pack from brand The Friendly Swede. There’s a range of fun colours to choose from and each pack comes with two long lanyards that have a 3.5mm earphone jack clip on one end. The smooth rounded tip makes a great alternative to using your finger but these are not the most the precise for small writing or detailed drawing. 

Elago Stylus Grip $13.99 

Perfect Styluses For Your iPad- elago

The Elago Stylus Grip is an ergonomically designed stylus that aims to create an easy grip. The tip is soft-touch to stop it smudging or scratching the screen and it has precise control. The rubber tip screws off and a replacement is handily included in the package so you don’t need to throw the Elago Grip away when the tip becomes worn. The Elago gives an experience similar to using a pencil on paper which means you can get a more accurate touch than using your finger. 

FRiEQ 2-in-1 Stylus $9.99 

Perfect Styluses For Your iPad- frieq

This trendy looking stylus and pen combo is perfect for the office or working at home. The soft but durable silicone tip makes mark-making and writing easy on the iPad’s touch screen without resistance or the worry of smudges.  

Wacom Bamboo Alpha Stylus $19.99 

The Wacom Bamboo Alpha is a great stylus for the iPad as its a wonderful balance between the feeling of a pen and the usability of a stylus. This stylus is short and lightweight and has a removable tip for easy replacement. The size of the nib is small meaning it has great accuracy, plus the softness allows for precision when writing and drawing.