10 Travel Blogs For Inspiration and Travel Guide – Adventuresome Travelers Sharing Their Travel Stories and Experiences

Ever felt like leaving behind this boring 9 to 5 routine and setting off on an adventure? I believe every one of us has at least once in life thought about doing so. But how many of us actually succeed in doing so? There are actually many lucky people in the world who have been lucky enough to succeed in pursuit of this dream. Some have taken travel for fun while some on business have made it a bigger adventure.

Traveling is fun and when you share your travel experience with different people, the fun multiplies. The best thing about Internet is that people around the world can exchange information with others without any limit. Internet is an excellent place for those who love traveling to exchange their travel experience with others. There are thousands of travel blogs and websites out there, so we thought to share some of the most exciting and interesting ones on our website. All these travel blogs will make you pick a backpack and set off on an adventurous journey around the world. Get set! Go!

Almost Fearless

almost fearless travel blog

This blog covers the very unique and very interesting life of a family travelling the world together. What makes it more fun is the composition of this family of tourists, which comprises of Drew Gilbert and his wife Christine, together with their two year old son Cole. This family of three has been touring the world over and currently is visiting Thailand and will shortly be shifting on to Malaysia. Christine is working on her book and her husband is working on his art, together the three are on a never ending vacation and also managing their work. Cool!

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Nomadic Chick

Nomadic Chick travel blog

This is another very unique blog about traveler Jeannie Mark. Jeannie set off on her journey to spend her life as a writer and traveler in mid 2010. What makes her blog stand out from the rest is not the fact that she has travelled several countries but rather the fact that she is one of only a handful of female travelers who are out on their own. She also started late, quitting her regular job to start travelling.

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So Many Places

so many places

So many places, is a blog which has been created by the adventurous duo, Brian and Kim. These two partners are out finding new places on their world tour. Their blog is not heavily decorated with too many pictures yet gives a good insight of what it is like to be in their shoes. Their blog is where they update everyone about everything they experience during their journeys around the world.

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The Everywhereist

the everywhereist

The Everywhereist is a blog created by Geraldine DeRuiter, who is not a full time tourist so to speak. Rather, she tags along with her husband on his numerous trips to foreign places, while he gets work done; she gets to see a new place. On her blog she discusses her travels and is also a great read.

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A Dangerous Business

a dangerous business travel blog

This blog is created by Amanda Williams who is busy touring the world at the moment. Though even on the move she keeps her blog updated with her plans and her experiences as well as advice. Also there is an array of media here, in the form of pictures and videos and plenty of information which is fun to read.

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Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

nomadic matt travel blog

Matt maintains his blog with all the information about his travels. His main aim is to help new travelers on getting a hang of life on the move, making it as economical as possible at the same time. This blog has plenty of detailed information about several places and Matt makes it a point to have only the most up to date information possible.

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Johnny Vagabond

Johnny Vagabond travel blog

Wes Nation started his blog Johnny Vagabond as he set of for his journey around the world. Travelling the globe on a budget, Wes makes sure he provides his readers with important and relevant information about various places which he has visited. Other than this he also posts lots of interesting travel stories.

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Bacon is Magic

Bacon is Magic travel magic

Now in her mid thirties Angelina Brogan has been travelling the world for many years now. Starting off from a small trip to France to Learn French, she was inspired by the trip and decided to pursue travelling. Other than bacon, her blog contains plenty of information about the many places she has visited.

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Jack and Jill Travel the World

Jack and Jill travel the world

Jack and Jill initially met during university, later decided to get married and settle down. Then with a sudden twist of events decided they should sell everything they won, and head out the door to travel the world. The blog encompasses information, pictures and videos of some fun places and plenty of good reads about Jack and Jill’s experiences and tours.

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Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl travel blog

This is an extremely comprehensive travel blog run by Derek Earl Baron. He has been on the road since 2000, which makes it over a decade worth of touring. After visiting more than seventy countries, Earl continues to update his blog and tell his many friends and fans about his travels and tours. Visit this site for an incredible amount of information.

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