Collection of Best iPhone Applications For Children

Entertainment Technology

With each passing day the number of iPhone applications is increasing and is touching a whooping half a million now. These apps are made for all the segments of life. With rumors of arrival of the unbreakable and scratch resistant iPhone people won’t have any issues if they are being used by children. There are many applications which are ideal for children of various ages. Some of the coolest ones are listed below:

Helicopter Taxi

Children love playing games on iPhone and this a fun app which serves their purpose. Children have fantasies of flying a helicopter and they can visualize it by playing on the iPhone screen. Excellent graphics, 3D environment and a suitable interface make it ideal for kids.

Jelly Doodle

Kids can choose from 80 different molds and fill them up with jelly. They can take a sip it up through straw. They can tilt there iPhones to see it falling out of the mould. Here if it falls out there is nobody to scold.

Crazy Valet

The game not only provides mind development of kids by asking them to take a car out of the parking in the right manner in least possible time but also gives them training of parking rules so that they won’t be a source of trouble for others in the future. Smart, isn’t it?

Disney Fairies Fly

This is a cute game in which the user needs to select the fairies which have different roles to play. Kids just need to tilt the iPhone to guide the fairy. However there are birds and other hazards in the way that need to be avoided.

Animal Fun

This is wonderful app for kindergarten children. They can learn about more than 50 animals. They can learn spellings, animal names and hear their sounds. Children are going to learn with fun. Don’t blame the app if your kid knows more about animals than you!

Drawing Den

This awesome app will nurture the artistic taste and abilities in children. Children can use water colors or crayons available in the options and see the difference. There are two sketches available and eight more blank sheets to be filled with the sketches of kid’s choice. The app also offers various skill levels. Let your kid enjoy drawing by exploring this drawing application.

Periodic Table of Elements

The current age teens have a better chance of easily learning the difficult periodic table used in chemistry. Different characteristics like atomic number, electro negativity, melting and boiling points and states of elements at different temperatures can be seen on the screen. This science app gives a stark divulgence of approach from the conventional cramming of this important component of one of the most difficult subjects in high school. It is a must have for students.

Baby Flash Cards

This is another educational app that helps your kid to build vocabulary with flash cards in 250 different colors. Flash cards have been categorized as well and you can set your tasks to learn in terms of categories. Also available are the options of voice recording and pronunciation.


Children can learn Mathematics with fun with the help of Math BINGO. Different operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division take the form of game with various difficulty levels. Correct solutions are also displayed for all the wrong answers.


Developers need to be complemented for providing such an application on iPhone platform. The 88-key piano app has got incredible graphics with 3D effects. Not only can you play it but you can also record different compositions and save them for reproduction.

Jirbo Match

Your child needs a strong memory to excel in different walks of life and this game just sharpens it. Each card has to be placed from where it was picked. Animal pictures need to be matched. The sooner the completion the higher will be the score.


The game is also known as Othello. It is one of those games which is simple enough to learn and interesting enough to become adept in years. It is a single user game where the opponent is the iPhone. The game contains attractive animation, scoreboards and also provides hints to user for devising intelligent strategies. The game has several levels and the difficulty level increases in higher levels.

iSign Alphabet

This app is not only meant for children but also for adults. All the alphabets of American language are depicted through hand signals with different finger positions and orientations. Such situations can happen where you are not audible, you can’t speak or the listener can’t hear. If you have learnt through this application it will be very handy.

iPhone store contains a large number of apps for children. They focus on different aspects of a child’s upbringing like memory polishing, entertainment, arts and education. So these applications are slowly becoming an important part of a child’s early education.