Excellent Tips To Create Amazing Website Landing Pages

Design & Media

Ever felt awestruck by how intelligently a website’s landing page has been created? Thought about how creative the designer is and how much time would h/she have spent to design/write it… A landing page is the lead capture page or to say the main promotional page of a website where a visitor has been landed to look for information or know what the website offers. Landing pages are the backbone of online business marketing strategies. They are needed for persuading customers to buy the product, use the services being offered to them or subscribe to the company’s newsletter etc. They perform the same function which a sales agent or representative performs in real life; sell the product or convince the buyer to do so whenever the need be. With the ever-increasing competition online businesses are focusing more on creating wonderful website pages which are effective at the same time. Some of the ideas or practices which can be utilized for this purpose are as follows:

A Unique Message/ Your Headline

Every company tries to offer something unique to its customers. If your business team has already settled on that, then it’s time to create a fittingly short message. It can be a single word or a sentence which appears bold and has a larger font. The message has to be clear and convincing at the same time and the word combination should be appealing. This is the message that sets your product apart from most of the other products available.

Supporting Content

Along with the offer, another necessity is the supporting content. Explain to the customer how your offer works. Mention any add-on services that will come along. Give the price and a breakdown if necessary. But remember not to fill the pages like story, article or a blog. Use bullets if you can give sense to your sentences.

Feedback of Customers

We all tend to buy things which have had a good response from the public. Writing positive feedback from a previous customer as testimonial will be very helpful. Don’t forget to take their signature. Do include it, if you are lucky to get a celebrity’s message. If your business is so big that it is being used by renowned public or private sector organizations then give their name in clients list.


There are many instances when an image or an illustration gives more information than paragraphs of text. The purpose here is not to show quality design/photography skills but how the image conveys the required information. Don’t be afraid to use videos. Generally what we watch and listen to is memorized and understood more than what we read.

Minimize Distractions

With each increasing entry or field that a user has to fill out, there is an increasing chance that s/he will leave the page. Ask for minimal information in any forms or entries. Reduce the navigation links to other web pages. A link to the home page will do the purpose if you are feeling insecure about retaining a viewer.

Soliciting the User Action

No landing page is complete if it doesn’t ask for a user’s response. You can use buttons that a user needs to click. Sometimes you have to offer something that makes you stand out in the market. Examples are ‘Get $200 off here’ or ‘buy one get one free’. Make sure that you synchronize this button’s message with what you said in the content. Another option for increased conversion is to use multiple buttons on the page.

Contact Us

Never forget to highlight the contact information. It makes a customer feel frustrated if he/she finds a whole lot of information with nothing prominent to get in touch with the team. With that, also don’t forget to mention where your business is located, if you are not working internationally, else be proud to mention that you are international or available all over the globe.

Some Points to Remember

Always remember to set a priority list and follow that when creating a website’s landing page. No matter how good a page looks, the most important thing is what is being offered and how successful you are in convincing the customer to buy/use that service. Emphasize on important things, use bold and italics where necessary, play around with font sizes and colors to see the change in impact. Most importantly, give voice to your objective and make the most out of your landing page. Analyze it from time to time and see if changes are necessary. All information must be up to date.

Landing pages are very critical in the sales process of an online business. It has to offer good content, a call to action for the user. The attention of the user should never be allowed to drift away from the main purpose.  An optimized landing page will attract a lot of customers and achieve good conversion process.