10 Free Best Latest Premium Quality WordPress Themes for April 2015

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If you’re looking for the latest, great looking themes to create a WordPress website then look no further. Within this article we have found the latest WordPress themes released in and for April 2015.


Corbusier – free – released 3rd April 2015

Corbusier is a free, fully responsive, beautiful WordPress theme that could be customised for any genre of website. This versatile WordPress theme is incredible quality for a free theme and is packed with innovative features. This theme has already had nearly 400 downloads which shows just how popular and appealing this WordPress theme is. The subtle menu bar and use of bold photography is really powerful and visually striking.


Sensible WP – free – released 3rd April 2015

This stunning WordPress theme is bound to leave a lasting impression on any audience due to how stunning and modern it is. This multi-purpose website has been designed with both user and audience in mind, with ease of use development as well as ease of navigation for the user with a modern and easy to access menu bar. This theme is also easily customisable, so can be made super personal and related to whatever the website is being user for.


Intro – free – released 2nd April 2015

Intro by athemes is a beautiful, striking and dramatic WordPress theme that is going to capture anyone’s attention. This WordPress theme is modern and clean, using strong modern features such as ghost buttons on the landing page which make it look really professional. The stylish theme is packed with features such as pre made widgets for the front page and throughout, a vast selection of Google fonts, parallax header and much more all for free!


Grassy – free – released 30th March 2015

With over 600 downloads and a five out of five star customer review rating, Grassy is a very popular new WordPress theme. This WordPress theme is a neat, fresh and simple template that would work really well for bloggers, personal e-commerce pages and much more. This theme comes with a primary colour changer option, custom background, theme translation ready and custom CSS to name but a few extras.

newsdeskMH Newsdesk Lite – free – released 1st April 2015

This brand new WordPress theme is a fully responsive, bold and striking one. MH Newsdesk Lite is a really modern and versatile theme that could be optimised to work well in so many varied genres. This super fresh WordPress theme gives a lot of bang for your buck (no buck as its free!) boasting additional modern widgets, easy ways to customise the theme itself to mould to the user and the target audience and if you enjoy it a premium upgrade is available.


Shaped Pixels – free – released 1st April 2015

Shaped Pixels is a simple and cleanly designed WordPress theme that has heaps of potential. This flexible theme is fully responsive and has huge room for potential to meet what the user has in mind with 17 different widget positions, unlimited colours from the built in WordPress customiser, social network options and much more. This WordPress theme is easy to use but has loads of room for advanced users to show off their skills too.


Spicy – free – released 1st April 2015

This free WordPress theme is bright, clean and modern, which is really on trend and looks great. Spicy could be used for any type of website due to it being so versatile and easily customised to mould into the genre desired. This professional looking WordPress theme supports primary menus, has four widget areas, supports primary side bar whilst being translation ready and fully responsive.


WEN Business – free – released 1st April 2015

WEN Business boasts a five out of five star customer review and almost 2000 downloads already, which really speaks volumes in reference to the theme itself. This incredible user reaction is unsurprising due to how polished and professional the theme looks, the excellence of the running of the theme itself and the huge user and audience support base this theme has created. Not to mention the clean header and menu bar, simple code, smooth slider transitions as well as responsive patterns within the theme.


Bubbly – free – released 2nd April 2015

This WordPress theme is stylish, young and contemporary which might be the perfect feel for your website whether its a blog, portfolio or even e-commerce; this theme has a depth of potential all for free. This theme is full to the brim with features to make it smooth and enjoyable being accessible to both novice WordPress users and advanced ones.


Felynx Forest – free – released 30th March 2015

Felynx Forest is a really calm and polished theme that looks professional and very high budget. This fully responsive WordPress theme would be perfect for a blogging style website that wants to go for a relaxing and green vibe.