Hand-picked Cyber Monday Deals for All Shopping Lovers


Thanksgiving may have come to end with the start of the Black Friday deals that retailers so willingly put up; however it does not mark the end of the holiday season. Rather with the start of the Black Friday deals, people are mostly out getting their hands on goods and services which are being offered at reduced prices. These price cuts continue the festive season as shoppers enjoy the new bargain. Some retailers are known to carry the Black Friday deal for one day where as others do continue the deal in to the second day. However the Black Friday deals are not the only thing customers can benefit from, rather the following Monday is also a great day to save money.

The Monday following Thanksgiving day is known as Cyber Monday. This is yet another occasion for businesses to dish out their products at reduced prices. In many cases on Cyber Monday people manage to get even better bargains than those available on Black Friday. Black Friday is a trend which has been around quite a while whereas Cyber Monday is a relatively new occasion which is celebrated. In many parts of Europe it was just recently that Cyber Monday deals are being observed. In the case of Cyber Monday, the deals can last for not just a couple of days but even for an entire week. Many large well-known retailers such as Amazon and the like started the Cyber Monday deals from the 25th of this month and then continuing them for an entire week.

It must also be noted that the Cyber Monday deals are available at a number of stores and are not limited only to the store itself but the retailers are also making the deals available online on their websites.

We have compiled a list of some great hand-picked Cyber Monday deals that would charge up this Cyber Monday for you!

JC Penny Cyber Monday Deals

If you plan to buy anything from JC Penny, cyber Monday would be a great day to do so online as the store is providing customers with free shipping on all their products.

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JC Penny Women’s Clothing Cyber Monday Deals

There are some great deals being offered by Macy’s for a wide array of their products, one particularly good deal which is available is the buy one get one free deal which is set for a select variety of women’s sweaters. With the winter season coming hard, this would be something of use to go shopping for.

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Macy’s Cyber Monday Deals

Macy’s is also offering a discount of up to 50% on a number of selected women’s coats.

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Amazon’s Cyber Monday Deals

50% Off on Amazon

Online retailer Amazon has put up some great deals which consumers could benefit from, for example: Up to 50% discounts on several smart phones that are being sold with a service plan.

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Amazon’s Computers Deals

In terms of computers, both laptops and desktops Amazon is offering some very good deals for much of the very latest in technology, for instance the $100 savings that customers can avail on purchasing VAIO laptops.

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DSLR Deals on Amazon

Recently DSLR cameras have earned a lot of popularity and even amateur photographers or those who wish to take up photography as a hobby, mostly tend to purchase a DSLR camera. Amazon has put up a good sale on DSLR camera lenses which photographers may find particularly attractive.

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Amazon Book Deals

For those of us who still haven’t yet purchased an e-book reader or those who are happy reading a physical book rather than staring at an electronic screen, Amazon has decided to discount a number of top-selling books, for example, ‘’Worth it, Not worth it ?’’ by Jack Otter.

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Outdoor Equipment Deals at Sears

For others who plan to get out in the snow and possibly go camping Sears is the store to visit with its many deals for outdoor equipment and other seasonal products which will be on sale. For example Sears will be taking 50% off regular prices and also offering an additional 10% discount on coats and winter accessories.

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More so for people looking for a good, sturdy and economical tool set Sears is offering the Craftsmen 192 piece tool set for a 50% discount bringing the price down to $99.99.

If renovating the home is what you love to do, you may want to look in to Sears’ deals for washing machines and dryers, for example the Maytag washer and dryer going for $799.98, saving you nearly $450.

Enjoy saving money this Cyber Monday!

Happy shopping!