Hottest iPhone Applications For Graphic Designers

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Graphic designers find roles in various niches. There is a large number of graphic designers out there in the market and the competition is stiff. A good graphic designer will need to put a lot of effort and time in completing his job. As the usage of smart phones have become more common, designers can focus on their work for longer periods. There are a number of apps available at the iPhone store for creating attractive graphics. To follow are some of the apps which provide the leverage to design on the go.

1. Cliqcliq Colors ($2.99)

Graphic designing has a great scope and a major part of the graphic designer’s life is spent in playing with colors. The best thing about this app is that you can create color palettes from real life images.

These colors can then be converted to different formats like CMYK, RGB and HSB according to the designer’s needs.

As a graphic designer you won’t need to install another desktop application or open a website for color management if have Cliqcliq.

This hot app is also compatible with iPad and iPod.

2. The Typography Manual ($2.39)

Like any other skill, expertise in Fonts is equally important for graphic designers. It is pocket reference stored in your iPhone. There are more than 60 pages that explain basics of typing, setting text and special characters. You can also find references for suggestive material for typography used in designing languages and environments.

3. Palettes ($5.99)

You can produce and store color palettes on your iPhone using this app. You can pick palettes from numerous resources such as CMYK, RGB, HSV, Gray sliders, standard color lists, images, websites or any valid CSS3 presentation.  Review color information, create colors by blending or through color schemes such as monochromatic, analogous and triadic. You can find more powerful features in the paid version.

4. Layers ($4.99)

With the help of Layers you can add up to five layers for your drawings. Combine different photos in a single drawing. Smudge tool, paint brush and eraser are used for creating colorful graphics. Enjoy 10 brush sizes up to 64px. You can save the work as PSD file once you are done.

5. iBlueSky (mindmapping) ($9.99)

Every creative activity, graphic designing and every one prime example of it, requires brainstorming. You need to jot down whatever comes to your mind. Mind mapping is a technique that helps in arranging all those ideas. You can use different colored branches that can have more than one line of text. Notes related to certain boxes or branches can also be linked to external files in various formats.

6. Paper Sizes ($0.99)

Paper Sizes is a very handy app for graphic designers. Different dynamics of a graphic design are determined by the amount of space available. It tells about the various standards practiced for postcard, business cards, RA & SRA formats, sheet sizes, photo sizes and different North American and international paper sizes.

7. Dimensions Pro ($1.99)

Knowledge of the dimensions of the components of an illustration or photo is very critical in getting a perfect design. This app provides some very accurate tools. It is precisely meant for print designs of almost anything from gadgets to electronics to what not! Try it yourself.

Graphic designers can find various apps to use in their professional life. They address different elements of graphic designing such as font selection, color selection and combination of all these along with accurate measurements.