How To Display Google Ads On Your WordPress Blog?

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Mostly we are all familiar with the WordPress blogging trend but for all those who are new to WordPress, using Google Ads on WordPress blog seems to be more of a rocket science. WordPress has become a very popular tool for creating personal and professional blogs and websites. It is a minute’s job for a WordPress expert to develop such blogs however newbies take sometime to learn this. Today we will learn how to display Google Ads on your WordPress blog.

Google ads have become a useful tool for monetizing the websites and blogs. By using these ads on your website/blogs it is possible to earn a reasonable amount of money on a consistent basis. Of course, you will have to bring in a lot of traffic to give maximum exposure to these ads but then displaying them first is mandatory. So let’s start and review the steps for displaying Google ads on your WordPress blog.

Get Google ads’ Code

You can’t do anything about Google ads if you don’t have the code from Google. For this purpose you have to get registered by creating a Google Adsense account. After completing the registration process they will offer you code for text as well as banners. The codes for different dimensions of text and banner ads can be accessed from the Adsense setup tab shown when you log in to Google Adsense account.

Website Hosting

Harsh fact is that WordPress doesn’t allow advertisements on websites that are located at its own servers. You should get web hosting services from some other company in order to display ads on your website. In simple words, you can’t have Google ads displayed on a link that looks like this:


WordPress offers various text widgets where you can paste the advertisement code to display either text or banner ads. It is better to get a more customizable WordPress theme for this purpose. It should be noted that a maximum of three Google Ads are allowed by WordPress on each page. You can change the position of such widgets by simply dragging them; of course the WordPress theme has to be flexible enough for this purpose.


In addition to text widgets mentioned above there are a number of plug-ins available which can be directly inserted in WordPress blogs or websites. Your ads are directly managed from these plug-ins instead of copying them from the Adsense account and pasting them in widgets.


You can also add Adsense to your WordPress blog or website by directly inserting it in the posts or in between. However, for this purpose you need to do a little programming in PHP. This can be done by logging in to WordPress through the Administrator panel and editing the index.php file. You can also use CSS to float the ads which is very pleasing from a visitor’s viewpoint.

Privacy Policy

Google have introduced a privacy policy term in order to use its codes. Create a privacy policy link and display it in all the pages where you use Google Adsense. Privacy policy statement should include the information that third-party may be placing and reading cookies on the browser of the user.

There are various methods to display Adsense on your WordPress blog or website. You can edit widgets, insert plug-ins or do a little bit of PHP programming by modifying a few files. At the end is the location of the ads and the type of visitors who use your blog that defines your earning.