How to Spy on iPhone – The Complete Guide


It goes without saying that iPhone is a real sensation in the world of technology. However, this is also one of the main reasons for which there is a notably increasing demand for different iPhone spy apps. These seemingly simple pieces of software bring several critical features as well as aspects that you want to look for as they are a bit different from the regular Android spy apps. With this being said, learning how to spy on iPhoneis far from being something difficult. It doesn’t require any special skills and you surely don’t need to be a hacker to do it.

This particular guide aims to allow you to understand the way different iPhone monitoring software works and how this particular app is going to help you out. Keep in mind that not more than a decade ago, it was absolutely impossible for us to even contemplate at how to spy on iPhone. For the most parts, the majority of the spying apps were created for Blackberry and Android but never for iPhone. Well, the tides have twisted.

The Things to Consider

The majority of the legitimate spy programs, including mSpy, can only be installed if you have physical access to the iOS device that you want to monitor. And, with this being said, we quickly arrive at our first tip: do not trust false advertising claiming that this could be done remotely – it can’t!
Some of the apps require the device to be jailbroken in advance but there are some such as mSpy that give you the opportunity not to go down this route.

What to Expect From an iPhone Spy App?

There are quite a lot of features that the majority of apps of this kind come with. Let’s have a closer look.
• GPS Tracking – you can track and locate the monitored device real time without any issues at all. Of course, the holder of the device won’t even know that he’s being tracked. What is more, you will also be capable of retrieving the exact location of the device as well as the different routes on the map. It goes so far to ping you with notifications when the device reaches a certain predetermined location.
• WEB History – the iPhone spy app will grant you complete access to the entire internet history of the user.  This includes the websites that he has browsed as well as the videos that he has watched online, amongst many other things.
• Call tracking – you will be capable of monitoring incoming and outgoing calls. If you can’t be present, the app  will allow you to see all this information in the dashboard later on.
• Access multimedia– you can easily access all the multimedia files on the targeted phone. The application  saves these files in the dashboard and you can review them later even if a person deletes them from his/her phone.
• Instant messages spying – you will also be able to spy on different instant messengers such as Snapchat, Line,  Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook and a lot of others that you can think of.

That All Sounds Great, But How Does it Work?

You’d think that you’d have to undergo a complicated procedure in order to access all of those cool features, right? Wrong! All you need to do is follow these 4 quick steps:
Step 1: download the iPhone spy app on the target phone and carefully follow the installation instructions.
Step 2: The app will start recording the actions which are taking place on the target phone instantly.
Step 3: The received information is being saved on the servers of the spy company and it’s available to you through an online control panel.
Step 4: You will be given personal access to that control panel so that you can take a look at everything that interests you. However, you will need a stable internet connection to do this.
Now, certain apps need jailbreaking in order to work effectively. While this isn’t something hard to do, it’s also going to block a lot of your smartphone features. For instance, you won’t be able to update your iOS anymore. mSpy, on the other hand, is an app which doesn’t require a root. However, this isn’t going to get you all the aforementioned features. It’s basically a trade-off. Nevertheless, in order to leave the choice entirely up to you, mSpy also offers a no-jailbreak version that you can take advantage of. This is a particularly convenient application which will enable you to actively monitor any iPhone that you can get your hands on.