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In some niche markets video marketing expenditure has increased manifolds over the past few years. This trend is due to many a factors. The increased provision of bandwidth to the user and the decreasing costs has contributed in a decisive way. Videos are perceived as more effective way of transforming information than text or other visual elements like illustrations etc. More than 70% of the US Internet audience watches videos. YouTube which is a giant in video data has grown to be the second most popular search engine after Google (thanks to the acquisition, that was likely to happen). With such stats and facts it is easy to see why so many businesses are putting money in video marketing. Here are a few simple methods that experts have used over the years and that will help in promoting your business through video marketing. Browse through this post to find out how video marketing can help you gain more exposure to your business:

Feedback of Users

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Over the years it has become optimal to expose your business services/products to different people and then get their feedback. Later, you can compile a video of the users’ feedback for other people to see. There can never be anything more persuasive to a prospective customer than a user experience. Short videos in which the customer appreciates the products, services or consultancy provided by your business are highly recommended for marketing purpose.

Share Your Business Success Story

Never underestimate the value of a success story. A success story of your business shared is always worth it. Professional videos showing the growth of your business, revenues or balance sheets are critical in attracting trust and new investments. It is more advantageous to include graphs, charts and tables. Highlight the qualities that make your business stand out from the rest and how confident you are in making your clients happy.

Showcase Your Products

It is always a good idea to make a descriptive product video that describes the features of product and/or services you offer. It will be even better to explain product features and their relations with the cost as well. Never lose track of your competitors. They are watching out for you so should you. Compare your product/service with products of various categories and also with that of the competitors. Be smart, make sure you don’t name the products of the competitors; explain them as general products in the market. You don’t want to give your competitors free publicity, do you?

Feature Your Employees

Employees Featured in Google Glass ad

Employees are often assigned the task to represent your company in videos. These marketing videos can be shared through social networking sites. The success rate of such videos is more likely as a familiar figure will attract more attention, thus more chances of your business reaching more people. (Image Courtesy: BusinessInsider)

Training Videos

Although some people might think it as a cause of loss in generating customer services revenue but in the hindsight customer is served better. More often than not customer services are offered for free for at least a small time period, therefore a video for encouraging self-support in some cases helps. Additionally, this also helps in creating an impression of the popularity of your products in the customer’s mind.

Orientation Videos

These videos will save a lot of time and the number of personnel in introducing the company’s culture, work ethics and values to the newly hired employees. Similarly it serves its purpose well in entertaining visiting delegations and guests through such videos.

Event Promotions

Videos relating to different workshops and seminars related to the company go a long way in creating awareness among the masses. You can always add a message to invite different prospective clients to these events too. This way you will create a way of reaching more people than you normally would.

Videos of Different Departments

Each department of the company can make a video of its own niche. These videos are made for entertaining different stakeholders. Every department has its own individuality, capabilities and strengths and it’s a good idea to make use of those qualities to promote your business.

Some Important Factors to Consider When Creating Your Marketing Video

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  • Always remember video marketing can make or ruin your business. Never ignore the quality of the video you will use for marketing. Hire a professional team that will provide you with a proper script, narrative, understand who you are and what you do and then create your video.
  • Keeping the audience engaged and providing them with useful information in the video is another factor that must not be ignored. A boring video is most likely going to make your audience switch to something better to watch.
  • There is a wide range of interesting marketing video techniques that are gaining popularity, some of them include the popular whiteboard animation technique, infographic videos, 2D animated videos and motion graphics videos.
  • Do not ignore the power of social media. Bookmark your video on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, distribute it in the form of DVDs along with other promotional material and share it on YouTube, Vimeo and other online video sharing sites.

Hope this post will be of help you achieve success in video marketing and will help you grow your business. If you found this information helpful, share it with your friends and do not forget to share your thoughts with us.