Most Important Landing Page Elements

Design & Media

The term landing page is reserved for those website pages on which a user comes from some external link such as Adsense, search engine or any other promotional link. Landing page is your presenter in online business marketing. This is the tipping point where a business deal is made or broken. An optimized and well thought out page can retain a customer’s interest. However there are some important elements which can not be ignored in any landing page.

Statement of the Purpose

When your customer arrives at the landing page, the first thing he tries to figure is out what selling proposition you are to offer. Whether you are giving any discounts, value added services or bonuses. The statement at the very beginning sets the tone for the rest of the page. This is where you have to convince the reader that you are offering something substantial.

Supporting Evidence

Most of the times, this is the only chance you will get to convince the customer. There are many instances at which a customer is undecided and looks for other’s views on the product or service. Testimonials from current or previous customers, any achievement or award or your company’s partnership with renowned brands will boost the company’s or product’s credibility in customer’s eyes.

Useful Information

Explain the customer as much as possible about the service’s or product’s features, its applications, comparison to other competitor’s in the market and price justification. Don’t make the page cluttered with useless information as this is not a blog or discussion forum. Use sub headings and bullets if required.

Call to Action

Every satisfied customer requires one more important element to complete his purchase and this is where you need to guide him. Allure him with different catchy phrases like ‘short time offer’ or ‘subscribe’ to click the required button. Sometimes it may not be a case of purchase. For example, you offer him to subscribe to a newsletter. This really depends on the purpose of your landing page and you need to choose the words accordingly.

Non-Textual Content

There are numerous ways in which you can develop a user’s interest. You need to add product images, related illustrations or videos. You can also include demos on how to use the products. If the business is being done on a large scale then there is no harm in hiring the services of telemarketers.

Fill in Form

If you are asking them to directly purchase from the website then integrate forms from reliable services such as PayPal or Google Checkout. If you want to offer some product guides, newsletters or trial versions then ask them for some information through which you can get back to them later on. Keep this form as short as possible or else the customer will turn off. It is never a bad idea to include a contact form, so that the user can ask any questions. Place a navigation link to ‘contact us’ page or include contact numbers or email addresses if there is no space constraint.

Some of the important elements which need to be included in a landing page focus on show casing the product, explaining its features, prompt the user to take the desired decision and getting customer information.