The Most Powerful Online Applications For An Entrepreneur


The non availability of jobs and the slump in pay packages has resulted in the increase in trends for entrepreneurship. Today’s graduates or entry level professionals are equipped with diverse skills and they are in a better position to take on things on their own. Some other factors such as independence and flexibility also contribute to this trend. The gist of entrepreneurship lies in the amount of creativity that comes in the business. With that the ability to analyze and taking notes is also critical. To follow are some of the tools which will help entrepreneurs to perform their job effectively.

PINC Filter

When you conceive a product which is different from the rest in the market, you need to find its positives and negatives. Features that will make it unique and the ones that are turnoffs. PINC filter will help you shortlist the best possible solution by working through the aforementioned parameters.


The job of the entrepreneur is different from scientists, engineers or other professions in one notable aspect. All of these professionals know the problem at hand and then they try to find a solution for it. An entrepreneur on the other hand, first needs to find and define the problem statement and then find a viable solution for it. Simplex is suitable for a wide range of problems. It starts from finding problem and ends on recommending a suitable action for it, thus making it even simple. It doesn’t allow skipping the steps involved in this whole process.

In addition to the tools that are used for creating a product there are many tools which are required for handling the operations. Most important among them are as follows:

Google Docs

There is no free way except Google Docs to create, open and edit office files. The service is provided online and gives you the flexibility of using these files from any location through the internet.


Usually email services don’t allow you to send files larger than 10 MB. Dropbox on the other hand allows you to share files such as video, photos and documents for sizes up to 2GB. You can get more space but for that you have to pay. This service is handy when you have no device to carry your files or they get corrupted for some reason.


The need to communicate with clients and employees is very important in order to carry out effective operations. You don’t need to pay hefty phone bills, as Skype allows making voice calls to another Skype account(s) absolutely free.


Every new born business is faced with the need of hiring employees, finding office space and inventory. With the help of Craigslist you can search for the required resources free of cost. It is also a good place to sell your products provided they fall in the categories mentioned therein. However, you will need to pay the website for selling.


Today’s business environment requires money transactions through internet. Usually the service is free if you want to buy or transfer money. A fee of about three percent is charged if you are selling some product.

These entrepreneur tools are available online and help entrepreneurs succeed without having to pay much for their usage. Thus, today an entrepreneur can save a large budget by taking action over an idea and by taking benefit of such online tools!