The Top 5 iPhone App Marketing Strategies


You can always trust Apple to come up with a unique product that would change the whole concept of life and work. The latest Apple iPhone is such a gadget that would fully challenge the usual dimensions and barriers of technology. Being a simple to use smart phone, it has also become the new innovation in the field of marketing as well. More and more business enterprises are developing applications and programs on iPhone platforms. However, not many people know the real deal about iPhone app marketing. Here are some valuable strategies for marketing products and services through your iPhone applications on the iPhone platforms.

1- The App Store


Apple has its Apple Apps Store. Nokia comes up with Ovi and Samsung has its own store as well. These are places available on smart phones and devices which are now becoming a rage with people. This means that users of these gadgets can easily buy or install applications for free from the Internet. This is where you can choose to advertise your iPhone application. By getting some valuable user reviews in the iPhone app store, you can grab enough eyeballs from the people who will like to browse and use new applications for their phones and other gadgets.

2– Press Releases

Press releases are the traditional means of promoting a product to the public. You can think of launching your own press release in the new gadget news websites and databases. If you manage to get such press releases printed and published on websites and blogs, you can get enough publicity about your new iPhone apps. One such website is called as which is a really cool and buzzing place for the latest press releases for new iPhone apps. You can post your ad messages and press releases to further promote your products and services on and other such websites and databases.

3- App Review Sites

If you wish to do some iPhone app marketing, you should ideally promote some reviews of the latest applications on the Internet. This means that you can get some people to write some attractive reviews and write-ups on the new applications for iPhone users. So, people are actually used to getting advice and feedback from such app review sites. So, if the latest review of your personal iPhone application is published on the latest news forums and portals. So, the app review sites will clearly give your iPhone app a lot of space for advertising and marketing.

4- Mobile Ads

mobile ads

Other than advertising your company’s iPhone applications on review websites and press release websites, you can also opt to advertise the latest and upcoming iPhone apps through mobile ads. You can upload and mail the latest mobile ads for mobile phone users. You can employ competent and skilled designers who will design the best mobile ads to promote your iPhone app to the smart phone users at once. Therefore, mobile ads like Admob and Tapjoy will help you to advertise your latest iPhone app to the reliable segment of mobile app users. So, these mobile ads will be very useful and reliable.

5- The Email Lists

This is a small-scale yet highly effective way to advertise your latest iPhone app to the people. All you need to do is to create several email ads and press releases and send them via email to the people you know best. The email lists can then be further circulated around from one person to another. This kind of iPhone app marketing is quite basic. However, it does serve its purpose and it helps you to gain enough word of mouth for your iPhone app among the fans and geeks.