Top 10 Colour Schemes/Palettes for Web Design 2015

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When it comes to web design, choosing the correct colours for your new site can make or break the final look and feel of it. Therefore, we at Geekszine have scoured the web for the best colour palettes to make your website feel modern but also give it the correct feel that you’re looking for. We’ve got bright palettes, modern palettes, grungy palettes, colourful palettes and all different sorts of color palettes for web designing, so we’re sure you’ll find something to your liking here. We hope you find the correct colour palette that you’re looking for.


This first palette colour scheme is a very modern, but colourful design and offers some bright colours but at the same time, modern and flat colours that will give most sites a really rustic look and feel. This colour scheme uses light greys and blues for it’s base colour but then offers oranges and deep oranges for contrasting icons/logos or other such iconography used.



Once again we have another beautiful colour scheme that offers flat, modern and rather matte colours that suit the site that it is on perfectly. The colours used here are very subtle shades of red, brown and green and then a very bright and contrasting orange to be used for the stand-out item on your site.




Our third colour scheme offers a more mocha feel to it. We feel this colour palette would suit more towards a coffee brand or tea brand or some form of hot drink. It’s the uses of browns and very white greens that give us this impression. It offers up a very modern but retro colour palette and has a great look and feel.



This colour scheme offers a blue accent to the theme which looks really good with darker blues and white text used. It’s a theme and colour set that would work well with a water-based website. The two last colours are contrasts to the blues to give a bit of a different feel to the rest of the site if you need a contrasting icon, logo or shape.



This is a more grungy colour scheme that offers murkier colours to try and give off a darker theme to the site. It uses dark yellows, teals, reds, greens and purples which are all varying colours on the scale and result in a very different design choice when it comes to your final design.



If you’re looking for a colour scheme that offers a more tropical theme with oranges, yellows and greens then these colours and specifically this colour palette looks great together. This theme would be great for a drink company, or anything that suggests a tropical theme. It’s very bright and therefore is a very good colour set for anyone looking to create a vibrant and high contrast final website.



This colour scheme is a great choice for those that are looking for a more subtle scheme that allows the design to get out of the way and the content to come right to the front. The subtle browns and light browns allow for a more formal web design. The light grey could be used as the background and then other colours used to accent it and obviously the white used as the font colour.



This design and colour palette use a beautiful set of colours that really contrast each other to create a rustic, retro feel which may seem odd colour matches to some but results in a well thought-out design. Blues and browns are something we are seeing a lot of when it comes to creating that old-fashioned look in modern sites.



We’ve mentioned a few colour schemes that offer contrasting colours to give your website a lot of potential when it comes to your final design. This colour palette offers a very light cream contrasting to the very dark navy on the other side. The neutral colours in the centre however offer up a nice neutrality to the rest of the site’s design.



This final colour sets puts two of the internet’s favourite colours together and that’s red and black. This isn’t a direct black however and is more of a dark grey which is the modern website’s black. The colour scheme also offers some contrasting matte colours to go with the dark grey background such as yellows and blues which look perfect on this dark grey background.