Top 10 HDR Photography Websites

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High dynamic ranging photography includes all those photos which are obtained by combining the components of greater and lesser exposed images to get high contrast. HDR photos can be produced from cameras with flexibility in aperture and shutter speed. After taking the images of the same scene using various levels of light exposure you need to process and recombine them with the help of software like Photoshop. In order to generate the revenue you will also need to sell them. Here are a few useful websites to sell and learn a few professional tips from:

1. HDR Spotting

If you want to join for free and contribute your photographs for maximum exposure then this website is for you. Well organized photographs in different prominent categories like featured, editor’s pick, latest and popular gives the visitor many choices to select from.


2. Stuck In Customs

Not only HDR photography but this website also presents great stuff in other niches like video. There are awesome tutorials and tips on cameras, software and albums. It is all maintained by an individual. The website has also been awarded for providing free online tutorials on HDR photography.



They have a decent collection of e-books for HDR. HDR workshops from Captain Kimo are also promoted through the website. An affiliate program for website owners is also run so that they can get their share from the HDR photo sales. Images which grant rights of various types are also presented. Some of them are free as well.



They are HDR experts and present many software products for HDR photography. The attached blog has got many useful posts for the help of HDR professionals. They have also set up a HDR community platform where you can participate by sharing your experiences with other photographers.



Although it is a single page website but the idea is pretty useful. They have a very long list of cameras with automatic exposure bracketing settings. You can also input your knowledge about a certain camera here. A very useful website for all the photographers out there interested in HDR.



This website features a beautiful HDR photograph each day. Many articles on HDR are stored in archives and new ones keep coming. Reviews on the equipment used in HDR photography are also given on the website.


7. Flickr

With well over 80,000 members and almost 700,000 photos the group pool for HDR on Flickr website is a significant one. Group on Flickr for Photomatix software is also set up. Not to forget the valuable discussion available from the group members.


8. Top HDR

The whole website is dedicated to HDR photography. You can see a lot of old and new HDR photos and videos to get inspiration from. You can run community of your own and make friends too. Coupons for different software programs are also on offer; get a fair discount by using them.


9. Photobucket

It won’t be fair if we don’t mention Photobucket here. Although it is not meant only for HDR but significant number of HDR photos are stored on this website and you can share the photos and enter different creative photography competitions to win handsome prizes.



This is another rich resource for finding information related to HDR photography techniques, software used, galleries for pictures and panoramas. Website versions for different languages are also available.


All these websites contribute to the learning of a photographer. Tips from experts and the collection of tutorials and photography makes it possible for amateur as well as professional photographers to learn more about HDR photography.

Though HDR photography is time taking and requires patience from the photographer’s end due to post processing, but it does pay off well at the end, thus adding to the joy of the photographer.