Top 10 Image Editing iOS & Android Apps for Perfect Photos

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It doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming to create amazing edits and photo effects on your mobile or tablet, as long as you have the right app you’ll find it will do the work for you. You no longer have to spend ages tapping away at your screen to get the perfect image before sharing with friends or uploading to your social networks. Take a look at this list of the top image editing apps for iOS and Android devices to find the best photo enhancers that you can download now.  

Snapseed (iOS free, Android free) 

Photo editor snapseed

Snapseed is a brilliant free image editing app from Google that makes it easy to quickly enhance your photos to perfection. There is a range of options from fine tuning the contrast and sharpness to more advanced tweaks like selective adjust which allows you to edit the saturation, brightness and contrast a of a specific part of the image. Snapseed also includes a range of filters, textures and retro effects which makes it one of the top photo editing apps for iOS and android.  

Afterlight (iOS $0.99 , Android $0.99) 

Photo editor afterlight

Afterlight includes 15 easy to use adjustment tools to enhance photos along with 15 cropping presets and rotating, flipping and straightening tools. The real magic of this app lies in the filters- theres 59 filters, 66 textures and 77 frames which makes it a brilliant photo editing app.  

Luminance (iOS $0.99) 

Photo editor luminance

Luminance is one of the only affordable apps to offer the capability of adjustment layers, which can be rearranged to create unique effects. Theres also a host of filters such as tone curve and split toning which makes it easy to fine tune your photos exactly how you like. With this app you also have the option to copy edits from an image and apply them to other images which makes adjusting multiple photos quick and simple. 

Photoshop Touch (iPhone $4.99, iPad $9.99, Android phone $4.99, Android tablet $9.99) 

Photo editor photoshop touch

Photoshop Touch offers the core functions of Photoshop for devices- layers, adjustments, selection tools and filters, along with with the ability to work on hi-res images up to 12 megapixels. You can use filter brushes, add text effects and use your camera to fill specific areas of an images. This is a pricey image editing app but one that’s well worth it if you’re serious about photo editing. In addition, you receive 2GB of free clud storage with Creative Cloud that allows you to sync between devices and your computer. 

Piclab HD (iOS $1.99) 

Photo editor piclab

This is a turbo charged version of the PicLab photo editor that enables you to use layers to create effects. It’s simple to add stunning typography, moods, filters and frames, plus adjust your image to perfection. PicLab also comes with hundreds of illustrations and decorations to add to your images plus blend and erase tools also make for an interesting feature with this mobile photo editor. 

A Beautiful Mess (iOS $0.99, Android $0.99) 

Photo editor a beautiful mess

A Beautiful Mess allows hi-res editing of photos and enables you to add fonts and doodles to unique collages. Editing your images to create something modern and trendy is easy and there’s a choice of colour schemes including bright neon shades. The photos you can create are perfect for sharing to your social networks. 

SnapBlend (iOS $1.99) 

Photo editor snapblend

Snapblend is a brilliant photo editing app if you want to combine images together. The app allows you to shoot and blend images that would otherwise be almost impossible without hours of work on a computer and lets you paint in areas of individual images to appear in the final result. Snapblend aligns frames automatically, but also gvies you lots of control so you can easily create amazing edits. 

Pic Collage (iOS free, Android free) 

Photo editor pic collage

Pic Collage enables you to add photos from Facebook, web search or your gallery into frames to make a fun photo collage. The built in Aviary photo editor is great for adjusting your images to make them perfect before adding stickers and themes. This app isn’t just aimed at young people as it has some great functions that help to create wonderful edits for social media and sharing. 

Facetune (iOS $3.99, Android $3.99 ) 

Photo editor facetune

Facetune is the best known portrait and selfie editing app that allows you to remove blemishes, whiten teeth, change eye colour, remove stray hairs and even reshape your face. This is a great app for fine tuning portrait photos to create a perfect but natural effect, or you can go crazy and create something unrecognisable!  

Retromatic (iOS $1.99) 

Photo editor retromatic

This image editing app allows you to quickly create retro-style posters out of your images with themes, stickers and effects. Retromatic supports hi-res photos and has a choice of over 70 stickers, 17 themes and 18 retro filters that can be customised to reflect the style of past eras. 

These were some of the most versatile photo editing apps that you can get for your iOS or Android devices whether iPhone, iPad or any other Android phone or tablet. Use these awesome photo editing apps to enhance your photos and the image quality better or just play around to create cool effects.