Top 12 iPhone and iPad Drawing Apps for Artists

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iOS apps provide fun and education at the same time to its users. No matter which age group you belong to, you will always find interesting iPhone and iPad applications for  use. Programmers from all around the world are busy developing amazing apps for different devices that include iPad, iPhones, Android phones, tabs and smart phones. We are lucky that we live in an age where technology is at its peak and top of all its accessible as well as affordable.

Artists, graphic designers and illustrators belong to the category of people who never waste a chance of bringing their ideas to life. They can find inspiration even in rocks and clouds and you have no idea when their mind brings a new object to life. We have made a collection of the top 12 drawing apps for artists. These iPad and iPhone apps are very useful and can be a handy tool for the artists. All these apps are available at the Apple store for minimal prices and most of them are free. Feel free to explore our collection!

1. How to Draw (Free Drawing Lessons)

How to Draw Drawing app

How to Draw Drawing apphow to draw drawing app

If you are new at drawing and want to learn how to draw then this application is excellent for you. This drawing application is just like a drawing teacher and teaches you how to draw in a fun and easy way. It’s not difficult to draw like a pro with the help of this app.


2. Eastern Drawing

Eastern Drawing app

If you want to learn Eastern drawing and try your hand at it then all you have to do is download this free drawing application.


3. ProCreate

Procreate drawing app

Just as the name suggests, ProCreate is a drawing app for professional artists and painters. It has a large variety of true to life pencils and a set of 48 amazing brushes that would add life into your artwork. If you want to keep your professional art on the go then you must try ProCreate.


4. Sketchbook Pro

sketchbookpro drawing app

This is another amazing professional grade art drawing and painting application that comes for just a minimal price. Take your creativity to another level by choosing between different canvas sizes, brush sets and other art and natural media. Explore and make a difference!


5. Doodley – A Worldwide Drawing Community & Contest

If you are good at drawing and doodling then why not give your hand at a doodling contest? This free doodling application lets you create cool doodles with your hand. Submit them to the doodle online community provided in the app to enter the contest and win awesome prizes every week.


6. ArtStudio – Draw, Paint and Edit

ArtStudio Drawing app

You may want to give hand to a drawing application that has powerful graphics and a professional user interface. Draw and paint using this application and create amazing artwork.


7. Fountain Pen Drawing App

fountain pen Drawing app

This drawing application has combined traditional ink drawing technique with technology and believe me it’s cool!


8. Manga University: How to Draw Manga

Learn How to Draw Manga App

Do you like Manga animation? If you do, then you might at some point have wanted to learn drawing Manga. It is not difficult to do so, learn how to draw Manga with this free Manga drawing application. This free application provides you with different features that helps you learn to draw Manga characters, clothes, bodies and faces etc.


9. Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing

WhiteBoard Drawing app

If you want to make your drawing experience more fun-filled then draw with a friend using this free cool drawing application.


10. Drawing Scale LT

Drawing Scale Drawing app

If you are an architect or engineer or just an artist who is precise at drawing and want to measure things before you draw then you must give this application a try.


11. SketchMee Lite

SketchMee Lite Drawing app

It’s not just another sketching application, it’s rather better. Turn your images into high quality pencil sketches and share them with your friends. It’s very easy to use and has a wide range of sketching styles to choose from.


12. Random Drawing Generator

random drawing app

This is a very interesting drawing application that allows you to combine different images available in the application to form one complete custom drawing. Combine your drawings with available sounds and your random drawing is ready!