Top Android Apps and Games This Week (29/06/2015)


We are back again, offering you up the best Android Apps and Games you can download this week. This post will be weekly and will highlight the best apps and games you may not have found yet. These will not only include the biggest and best new apps to the Google Play Store but also previously well-known applications that received notable updates, improving them significantly. This week we have: Microsoft have finally released their Office Suite to the Android public, a stunning third game in the Geometry Wars series, an addictive minimal addictive game and a blockbuster rival to Rival Kingdoms and Clash of Clans.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.50.00Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions ($4.99)

Geometry Wars needs no introduction or explaining as a series really, they’ve constantly created games that look absolutely stunning and keep people engaged like few other games. Originally an Xbox Arcade game that garnered a huge following from people looking to break records and high scores and such. Geometry Wars 3 has 50 Adventure levels with a wide variety of 3D grid shapes, game modes, and boss battles, 5 Classic Arcade levels inspired by franchise heritage, Over 10 battle modes including Pacifism, King and Claustrophobia, 5 unique companion drones such as Attack, Collector, Ram and Snipe, 5 devastating super abilities including Homing, Black Hole and Turret and so much more. So it’s hardly a game that will bore you quickly. And undoubtedly there’ll be more levels and potentially game modes coming.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.50.18Microsoft Office Suite (Powerpoint, Word, Excel – All Free)

Microsoft released their Office Suite for iOS a few months ago now to surprisingly high reviews. It offered up a free way to access all your DropBox content or content you may receive elsewhere in a Microsoft style. All the applications offer up the same look and feel across the board as the Microsoft Suite has always done on desktop clients. The interface is perfect for touch and offers up a surprising amount of features including everything needed to make the touch versions a great alternative to the desktop suite. If you’re someone that owns an Android tablet or someone that finds themselves needing to edit documents, slides or excel sheets on their phone then we’d highly recommend downloading the relevant Microsoft Suite app as they’re genuinely great office tools.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.50.45Running Circles (Free)

Running Circles is another game appearing on the Google Play Store that looks to grab the addictive nature in you and pull you in with simple controls but addictive gameplay.Your goal is to move from Circle to Circle taping the screen at just the right time. “You can move both inside and outside the Circles but don’t waste a second… Danger lurks all around you.” is how the game is described. It is a really minimal and quite artistic game too, not messing around with 3d graphics, lighting and shadows but concentrating on great gameplay, a high frames per second and making addictive gameplay. Oh and it can be played multiplayer too, adding in a whole new dimension of competitiveness with your friends.

screen480x480 (5)Siegefall (Free)

Siegefall is the latest and greatest game from the makers of the huge success that is the Modern Combat series. Yet, it’s not a First-Person Shooter and is a Rival Kingdoms/Clash of Clans/Boombeach/etc rival. In fact, Siegefall is one of the best City Builder/War Rager games we’ve played in a very long time. Siege fall ticks almost all the boxes you’d want for a game in this genre. It’s a stunning game that definitely rivals Rival Kingdoms (no pun intended) in terms of shadows, lighting and such; there’s a slight drop in FPS with the text and a little when roaming the map even on the latest Android devices, but it still feels brilliant to navigate and just requires a bit of ironing out. In terms of the city building, there’s wood and gold to upgrade your buildings along with cards. Cards are used similar to God Powers or such in other games, granting you access to a power from above to help out your hero or hinder the opposition. Buying a pack of these cards only costs 400 coins and coins are fairly easy to come by if you’re willing to wait a few hours every now and then. There’s single player, there’s multiplayer, there’s challenges, there’s hero and so much more. We’d definitely recommend checking it out if this type of game is your thing.

screen480x480 (10)Tales From Deep Space ($6.99)

We’ve got an Amazon App Store exclusive here which is peculiar and may deter from people. However, Tales From Deep Space is actually a really fun and enjoyable game that offers up a slight Disney feel to the style and gameplay which would be great for kids but also for all ages. In Tales From Deep Space “Players help E, a traveling salesman, and his loyal luggage drone CASI escape when Big Moon is thrown into lockdown. E and CASI must work together to fight dangerous battles, solve fiendish puzzles and unravel the nefarious plot behind the mysterious “Meek” uprising.” Sounds like a great adventure game and it’s received a positive response from users so that’s always good.