Top iOS Apps and Games This Week (21/06/2015)


We are starting something new here on Geeks Zine. We are going to going to be offering you up the best iOS Apps and Games you can download this week. This post will be weekly and will highlight the best apps and games you may not have found yet. These will not only include the biggest and best new apps to the App Store but also previously well-known applications that received notable updates, improving them significantly. This week we have some great choices for you to pick from with some great new games, topical sports apps and a new competitor in the mobile news space.

screen640x640Xenowerk ($1.99)

Xenowerk is a top-down action shooter challenging your combat skills in an underground science lab. Your objective is to destroy all the nests and eliminate all mutants to prevent them from speaking. Xenowerk has over 50 levels currently with increasing difficulty and will likely introduce more as the game advances. It has RPG elements with the ability to loot enemies and pick up new weapons and upgrades for previous weapons. You also have special abilities within the game to help you with your attack against the mutants. It’s a beautiful looking game, there’s no doubt there, with some incredible lighting and shadows to compliment the unique art style. Finally, each level comes with a performance-based rating review giving you an incentive to go back and play the levels again with your new upgraded weapons to improve your score.

screen480x480 (4)Fallout Shelter (Free)

With Bethesda announcing Fallout 4, they also announced a little game coming to iOS only for now called Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter is a brilliantly unique game that has you control a fallout shelter and try to maintain the health and wellbeing of the residents that live there. You are asked to build a shelter using many different rooms using in-game currency, then as you progress, new people will come along looking for shelter in return for work. Each person has a S.P.E.C.I.A.L system that highlights their strengths and weaknesses which correlate to which room and activity they should partake in. Each person can be levelled up as they work and each room can be upgraded to produce more quantity fo whatever it is producing. It’s a unique game that allows you to grow quite attached to certain characters, especially when you have your first shelter baby!

screen322x572BuzzFeed News (Free)

BuzzFeed have been working hard to get rid of their reputation as the place to go for mindless lists about celebrities or food or trends. Instead, they want to be a well-respected company that offers high-quality news from some big writers. The result of this is the introduction of BuzzFeed News for iPhone-only at the moment. BuzzFeed News looks to bring you some high-quality, well-written articles from BuzzFeed without the mess of the general lists you see in the main BuzzFeed application. We’ll see how well it takes off and whether BuzzFeed will have their reputation changed at all as a result.

screen480x480 (3)Cooking Dash 2016 (Free)

Cooking Dash 2016 is the sequel to the original popular Cooking Dash game that saw you creating all sorts of different meals for your customers in return for money to improve your equipment and size of your restaurant. Cooking Dash 2016 takes on the exact same idea but with some new items, improved graphics and some new gameplay tweaks. In this version, you look to become a famous Tv-Chef personality by advancing your skills and progressing your way to the top. It’s a nice advancement of the original game, offering you a few more gameplay ideas and offering you the feeling of advancing and having something to work towards a little more this time around.

screen480x480 (6)Dark Sky ($3.99)

Dark Sky is one of the most popular weather applications on the iOS market, offering users one of the best-looking and heavily featured weather applications you can get. It recently received a big update that brought with it some UI tweaks and some great new features. These features include: hour-by-hour timeline for 24 hours, advanced notifications allowing you to decide what instant notifications you want to receive, a new weather reporter to provide your own report for others to see, speed improvements, landscape mode for iPad and a UV index because it’s now summer and we want to protect our skin. It’s a great new update that adds even more features to an application that was already brimming to the edge with them.