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The Top 10 Google Cardboard Apps and Games


Google Cardboard is one of the coolest things Google has introduced over the past few years, offering the general public the chance to experience virtual reality at a highly affordable cost. Surprisingly, despite the cheap hardware costs, the software works incredibly well most of the time and as a result,...

The 5 Secret Projects Google (Alphabet) Are Working On


Google, for quite some years now, have had a secret part of their organisation that work on projects that are fairly unrelated to anything we’ve seen from them in the mainstream. This is why recently Google changed their organisation name to Alphabet so to allow for investors and stock traders to...


Google Snooping Tool Installs Itself On Computers Without Permission


Privacy campaigners and developers are hitting out at Google over the discovery of snooping software which is able to listen to conversations held near a computer. The Chromium browser is the open source version of Google Chrome and it was discovered by developers that the browser began to automatically install code...

New York Google Sidewalk

Google Unveils New City Problem-Solving Company Called Sidewalk


Google has revealed a new company which is dedicated to solving city problems. This includes things such as lack of affordable housing and traffic jams.  Sidewalk Labs is a New York based company which has been described as an ‘urban innovation’ firm and it hopes to develop technology that can...


Google Speaks Out About Antitrust Charges For The First Time


For the first time, Google has spoken about the antitrust charges that have been brought against the company by the European Union, and has blamed differences in cultural values between US and European people as well as miscommunication.  Google’s European head Matt Brittin has said “We don’t always get it...

Google privacy and security

Google Introduces New Privacy and Security Dashboard


Google has introduced a new privacy and security dashboard designed to make it easier for people to control the data that Google collects about them. The dashboard should make it more intuitive for users to make changes.  Named ‘My Account’, the dashboard features three sections of security and privacy settings...


The Future of Google “The Next Billion”


During the Google I/O, Google announced that over 1 billion people now owned Android devices throughout the world and that this was definitely a mark to make not of. However, what was more interesting that everywhere you walked, Google workers and colleagues were mentioning “the next billion”. We found this an...

Google photos

Google Photos Hopes To Rival Instagram and Flickr


Google is set to reveal a new standalone photo sharing service at the Google I/O Developer Conference this month. The service will be web based and will allow users to store their photos online too.  The tool will enable users to easily post their photos to Facebook and Twitter, making...