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Exciting Technology To Expect Throughout The Rest of 2015


Technology is a year of the sequels and potentially the year of a brand new Apple product, if the rumours are true. We are going to see some exciting new smartwatches, tablets, phones and more. There’s no doubt that there’s still some very exciting products to come out of the...

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5 Essential Technologies Every Restaurant Must Have


Owning a restaurant in this day and age is known to be a very difficult business. A lot of restaurant owners often find themselves spending far more than they’re earning unless they’ve optimised their services and are a very successful restaurant. One thing that draw people into a restaurant these days...

Why Virtual Reality is so exciting


Okay, so recently there’s been a lot of buzz in the technology world around virtual reality. It’s something that has struck the interest of not only members of the public but some major OEMs within the technology space also. Oculus were the first company that got into the mainstream with...