Why Should Challenges Matter To A Designer?

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Well, yes, we all are tired of a boring routine. Similarly, we all know that a designers’ life is full of challenges; tough, new and demanding. We are all familiar with the tough time many designers have to pass through in their career. They frequently encounter tasks that are different from each other in one or more aspects. They need to deal with clients, take care of their interests, use their creativity and most importantly complete their targets in time. A designer needs to meet unique constraints for each project.

Whether they are in the field of engineering, architecture, graphic design, website or interior design they are the ones who form the basis for execution of the project. They perform the most critical part and are mainly responsible for success or failure of a plan. This is the reason why they are highly paid and always in demand. Nevertheless we should never underestimate the value of challenges and how they can affect designers in a positive manner. Llet’s review some points that emphasize on the fact that challenges are good for a designer.

Testing of Knowledge

You can’t deal with twisted problems if you don’t have solid concepts about the field you are working in. College or university life teaches you those fundamentals so that you have a concrete knowledge base and that is the reason why all those advertised jobs require you to have a degree. Therefore, if you don’t encounter frequent challenges, you would never be able to get your basics right.

Dynamic Exposure

The more challenges you encounter, the more courage you will have in facing unfamiliar situations. Challenges expose you to different aspects of a project design. The more parameters of a design you need to satisfy, the more value you add to the resume.

Exploring Potential

If you don’t work on anything other than your interests or qualifications in one discipline, you would never be able to explore your hidden potential. For example, if you are never involved in writing detailed reports on your design, you will never be able to polish your writing talent.


Challenges are a source of inspiration for people who accept and work on them with confidence. The sense of achievement that comes after doing something new and difficult is of huge proportions. By looking at the industry’s icons involved in similar projects you see yourself as following their suite. You interest never dies. Of course, I am assuming that you are not a laid back person and want to achieve new heights in your career. Sky can be the limit but for a designer, even sky is not the limit!


The more challenges designers face the more quickly will the industry evolve. Designers are the people who set the trends in the industry by specifying the need for different tools and equipment. In this way industry keeps on evolving and the professionals update their skills to meet new demands. Believe me, today if you are the pioneer of a new idea, you may be the world’s most popular designer tomorrow!

Getting New Ideas

Challenges also bring in new and unique ideas that can be practiced later on, if found suitable. If you master those ideas you are will quickly get acknowledgement from the industry and get yourself a great selling proposition.

Just For The Sake of Fun

Yeah, sometimes it is necessary to be yourself and get yourself engaged in a new project just for the sake of fun. Take on a project that you have never worked on before. Explore the demands, work on a unique plan, solve the problems, question yourself and bring out the Picasso hidden somewhere inside you. Once in a while it is better to burn the boats and see which heights of success you can achieve by a single new challenge.

At the end it is the challenges that offer different experiences, allow you to explore your potential and keep you interested in your work. Work with passion, accept the challenges and never limit your potentials to a certain level. Never let your art tame you and don’t do the mistake of doing the vice versa either.

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