10 Awesome HTML5 Websites For Inspiration

Design & Media Technology

HTML5 is basically a programming language which is used for designing website’s pages and defining their outlook. It is fifth version of hyper text mark up language. It is particularly useful for presenting web pages on iPad platform. HTML5 is going to present a stiff competition to the flash technology in future. Features such as provision for flexibility in structure, document presentation and the power to embed videos files enhance the power of HTML and XHTML combined. A number of websites have already started to use it and with the increase in expertise and skill level of web developers, the future of website designing is likely to be HTML5 centric. To follow is a compilation of some of the superior quality HTML5 websites:

Agent 008 Ball 

The site is a gift for all billiard lovers. The power of HTML5 is used for playing a live game of billiard. Your task is to pocket all the balls in the stipulated time. The website works perfectly with Internet Explorer 9 or later but other browsers will also do.


For the Record

This website depicts how Cascade Style Sheet 3 and HTML5 can be combined to write code instead of the images. The website gives beautiful representations of the data of the owner and what is left with him by showing the break ups of various categories. (http://www.fortherecord.simonfosterdesign.com)

Art of Stars

Remember studying the stuff like the Great Bear, Milky Way and the North Star in third grad. All seemed to be confusing then may be even now. The website is not here to clear your concepts about that either. But it works on beautiful idea related to the same area of astronomy. Just give the site your IP address and see the constellation of stars over your head in the skies. (www.nakshart.com)

This Shell

If you want to download a legal quality MP3 song then this website is for you. The website shows the power of HTML5 by offering a puzzle game. If you solve the puzzle in time then you will be rewarded with a free song. Well, that sounds cool, doesn’t it?


The Wilderness Downtown

The site has a unique idea and is symbolic of beautiful creativity of the web designers. The website asks for your hometown and then integrates different visuals related to that area by using Google Earth. Some pretty illustrations combined with a nice animation gives the site a very welcoming feel.


20 Things I Learned

This website is a very popular example of HTML5. The features are contrary to the norm for a website as you can deal it just like an eBook, albeit in the browser. The website also allows you to store data for offline viewing. Flip the pages like you are reading a real book, no one thought book reading can be counted in multi-tasking.


Looting the Seas

The website is such a beautiful depiction of the power of HTML5. There is no plug-in required for viewing this PDF like website. The book (actually a website) is about the black market in bluefin, lapses in the regulations and negligence of the authorities. (http://www.publicintegrity.org/treesaver/tuna/)


The website uses fancy features to provide the services of personal banking. You can keep track of your banking account and get suggestions from the website. Your savings goals are set automatically. Of course, for all this to work for you, some fee will be charged. (http://www.banksimple.com)

Steal This Footage

If you want to view videos through the HTML5 video element then you can view this website as an example. Other video technologies have also been used in website development as an alternative. The archive contains different interviews and documentaries which a common user can redistribute, alternate or enjoy. (http://footage.stealthisfilm.com)

Kate Humble

The famous English TV presenter has her website built in HTML5. The combination of header, footers and sections uses the rich features this technology presents. (http://www.katehumble.com)

All these websites present features which were not available in the previous website building tools. HTML5 is going to pave way for a different browsing experience in the future and its use is going to be a parameter of the quality of the website.