The Best Wireless Charging Mats For Your Smartphone

Wireless charging mats and pads charge smartphones and other devices easily and conveniently through a process called inductive charging. Inductive charging uses an induction coil in the mat to create an electromagnetic field that is absorbed...


History of Math Inventions

Mathematics, as a science, has quite a number of branches. The main ones are algebra, calculus, and geometry. Note that this discipline is not an invention; in fact, laws of science and discoveries are...

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22 Blazing Fastest WordPress Themes 2019

While choosing a theme for any WordPress site there are certain elements that a webmaster needs to look forward to. Putting up just a random website with an absolutely random theme, however cheap that...


5 Things Android Wear Can Do that the Apple Watch Can’t

We’ve decided to list 5 things Android Wear can do that the Apple Watch can’t for those of you who are looking for a smart watch or maybe specifically and Android Wear smart watch and are wondering what is so much better about Android Wear as opposed to it’s main competitor.