5 Free eBooks to Begin Your Web Design Career

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Within this article we have brought together 5 eBooks we feel are a necessary aid to being your career in web design. eBooks are a really easy, accessible and not to mention cheaper way of gathering important information to have in order to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to create beautiful and brilliantly designed websites.


Everything There is to Know About Logo Design – free

When creating a website having visually appealing features is extremely important and arguably a main feature of any page. Once more, having a memorable logo can define a website, make it stand out, become individual and memorable; an example of logo use is the apple with a bite taken out for apple or the google logo.

Taking all this into consideration, Everything There is to Know About Logo design, teaches, inspires and aids your journey to creating a perfect logo for your website. This eBook is an easy read of 25 pages packed with tips and tricks on the do’s and don’ts of the logo world.  With a 4 out of 5 star rating, this eBook proves itself to be a strong read.  Everything There is to Know About Logo Design is also free, which means you have nothing to lose.

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Designing For The Web – free

Designing For The Web is an extremely informative resource to make use of. This eBook is a longer read but is packed with information within different chapters which are easy to go straight to if there is a certain area you are looking for specifically; these include topics such as designing for the web in reference to getting a job, the design process when creating a website, inspiration, information on typography, colour, layout and general tips.

Designing For The Web is a great read for starters but will also be a helpful resource for more advanced web designers that are looking for more in depth help.

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Design’s Iron Fist – free

Design’s Iron Fist is an eBook which prides itself in teaching how to effectively market an online business, get into the mind-set of a designer, to have confidence in your work. Once more, this eBook is a brilliant resource for inspiration both visually and mentally.

Design’s Iron Fist is an eBook made up of a compilation of Jarrod Drysdale’s best work on various areas that have a focus on web design. However, Design’s Iron Fist has a strong focus from the users perspective which is encouraging and a great read for those that lack confidence in the field of web design.

Design’s Iron Fist is a 90 page PDF (14,000 words) that has a layout that makes it enjoyable and easy to read. Once more, this eBook is free, making it accessible to everyone.

how to be creative

How To Be Creative – free

How To Be Creative is a really inspiring eBook that is written in a friendly tone. This eBook is written by a popular blogger and advertising executive, so he definitely knows what he is writing about through such a wide breadth of experience. How To Be Creative boasts a massive 209779 downloads, which speaks for itself as this eBook is massively popular for the stand alone reason that it really is very useful and a great read.

How To Be Creative is made up of 26 tips and tricks on creativity with the web design field combined with cartoon illustrations, which helps make this eBook engaging and enjoyable. Once more, this eBook would be a great read for people of all standards as it is phrased in a fun and enjoyable tone, not an intimidating one. If you’re searching for inspiration, then this is a great choice.

the woork book

The Woork Handbook – free

The Woork Handbook is essentially an eBook comprising of Antonio Lupetti’s blog posts after a high demand for them to be published from his over 4 million website viewers. This eBook is a very useful read for a beginner level of website designer as it is posed at a level that is not intimidating and enjoyable to read. Within, The Woork Handbook,  Lupetti’s blog posts cover a wide range of web design related sub genres including Ajax, web programming, Scriptaculous, HTML, CSS to name but a few.

This brilliant read is also free, therefore is accessible to all and will without a doubt be thoroughly enjoyed.