Hurricane Sandy Affected Images – US Hurricane Sandy Visuals

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One of the worst hurricanes in the history of USA, the Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast of USA Monday evening (29th October, 2012) knocking down the power stations and killing at least 26 people.

With just a week left in the US Presidential elections, 11 states have been affected with this merciless catastrophe. News channels all over the world are bombarded with updates of this hurricane.

We are sharing some rarely seen photos of the Hurricane Sandy that has struck the world’s largest country affecting not only the city that never sleeps New York but also Washington DC, Massachusetts, New Jersey and so on. Here is the Hurricane Sandy in photos as captured by photographers around the US.

Father and Child at Carolina Beach

 Hurricane Picture taken in Cuba

Hurricane Sandy at its Peak

Hurricane Sandy in Jamaica


Watching the Destructive Waves 

An Image of Water Flooding Over the Bridge

Trying to Fight the Wind

No Mercy Waves

Hurricane Sandy through Satellite

Flooding Everthing

Lighthouse Point Park Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Hits Massachusetts

Brookly After Hurricane Sandy

New York after the Hurricane Sandy

Fighting the Killer Waves

Knocking Down Everything that Comes in its Way

The City that Never Sleeps

The Hurricane Sandy After Effects




Nothing Can Fight The Nature


Bracing for the Catastrophe

Taking Control of Everything 

The Storm

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