Top 10 Social Sites You Must Have Business Presence On

Business Social Networking

Social networking sites have brought a revolution in the IT industry. The usage of internet has multiplied ever since the trend of social networking sites started. These websites have given rise to yet another dimension to online marketing. Businesses get a large amount of targeted traffic for their online and offline businesses. It is no wonder that websites are embedded with buttons to link with social networks.

1. Facebook

Facebook is just not a way to connect with friends, family and old college mates. It provides opportunities to advertise business through fan pages, events, notes and videos. Different ads are also displayed on the pattern of AdWords, where you have to pay for the advertisement. (

2. YouTube

It is one of the most valued websites on the internet. You can share any type of video by using this website. Video marketing is perceived to be more effective as compared to text ads. Like any marketing campaign your job is to develop interest. YouTube automatically suggests users a video in the pane on the right part of their browser window. If your video has that spark, just watch it go viral. (

3. Squidoo

Users can find great help by reading the articles of their choice. The website contains articles divided into a number of categories. The content is written in an interactive way so that users can take maximum benefit from the information. However, they set high standards for their content and it takes a lot of effort to promote your business through this website. (

4. Twitter

It would be harsh if one does not include Twitter in the list of social sites for business. You can instantly update friends, colleagues and other interested followers in your business by the least irritating small text messages of a maximum length of 140 characters. (

5. Wikihow

This is another wonderful website for educating your customers about how the products operate. You can also give them after sales help and trouble shooting tips through different articles and direct interaction using the community feature. (

6. Reddit

With the potential of reaching millions of viewers through articles and stories, Reddit provides ideal opportunity to businesses to market them by making its use. The website also provides a very good advertising program. Viewers see what they want and thus your business mostly gets the desired exposure. You can see different stats related to your advertisements and viewers can comment on how they feel about the advertisement. (

7. Delicious

As a user just bookmarking a website is not enough as you can face any mishap. This is why most business related websites use the delicious button on their websites. Not only does a user have a record but he has more powerful features at his disposal such as ‘stack’ which arranges web links under different categories and allows you to share your collections with others. (

8. LinkedIn

Well over a hundred million users have joined LinkedIn to date and the number keeps on increasing. This website has got a more professional life’s touch as compared to other equivalent websites. You can find past and present colleagues who are more interested in ventures and sharing business related ideas. (

9. AllFreelance

Your business can benefit a lot from a number of freelance workers who offer their services through this website. You can hire staff just for the duration of the project without compromising on the quality of work. Other overhead expenses of employing permanent staff are also eliminated. Another advantage is the establishment of the repute for your business. (

10. Digg

Digg provides a brilliant interface for assessing information wealthy articles. It is different from other popular article websites by offering different interactive newsrooms for different categories. You can write articles for them or take advantage of the relevant advertisements they offer according to the user’s interest. (

Social networking websites can boost your business by marketing the products or services to customers, hiring different professionals and allowing you to interact with the colleagues to devise effective business strategies. So, keeping pace with social networking sites for business development is a healthy sign for any developing as well as successful business.