Top 10 Most Useful iPhone Applications for Business

Business Technology

There are about half a million iPhone applications available on Apple’s store. These are built to make an enthralling smart phone experience for the users. The applications cover almost every field and it is rare that one will not find an application that suits their needs. Business apps or applications tailor-made for business purposes have started to arrive in the online market abundantly and are going to affect the routine life of a businessman in a profitable way. Below is a compilation of the most useful iPhone apps for business purposes:

OmniFocus iPhone app

omnifocus iphone app

The uncomplicated and instinctive interface helps you in planning projects, prioritizing tasks, set up reminders and integrate calendar with your notes. If you are looking for something you can search the desired tasks from the database. You can also attach voice, picture and different media files to your tasks.

Invoice2go iPhone app

Invoice2go iPhone app

This business application provides about 20 built-in templates for creating invoices. Business professionals can create purchase orders, invoices and credit memos. The best thing is that it creates a PDF file version and allows for multiple currencies as well. The app also provides a PayPal button to the user for making instant payments. Additionally tax settings are also built-in for some countries.

Dropbox iPhone app

dropbox iPhone app

This popular file sharing app takes advantage of cloud computing to synchronize files and data among many users. The app provides a link to the desired file through email and the other user can view the file through his iPhone.

WebEx Meeting Center iPhone app

Webex Meeting center iPhone app

The application allows you to start, schedule or attend meeting through your iPhone. The app allows for data and audio connectivity. You can view documents with live annotations, chat privately or with everyone in the meeting and meet people with on any kind of computer.

Salesforce Mobile iPhone app

sales force iphone app

The app allows for monitoring CRM data. With a full version of the application business professionals can customize data, categories and entries. You can monitor account activity, log details from phone calls and respond to new leads and customer requests.

Numbers iPhone app

numbers iphone app

This application is used for preparation of attractive spreadsheets in minutes. Use different statistical formulae to show results. A cool thing about this business app is that the undo button helps you recover the previous versions of the document even if it has been closed. The cells on which you are working are zoomed in to make working with cells easy on iPhone.

FileMaker Go iPhone app

FileMaker Go iphone app

As a businessman you need to have full control of your business data and FileMaker Go provides you that ease. If you want to remotely access your data FileMaker Go is the perfect application to be chosen. With this application you can make payrolls and expense approvals and track time, materials and shipment as well.

FTP on the Go iPhone app

FTp iphone app

Millions of businessmen need to maintain a website for their business. This client is used for uploading, downloading or browsing data on the FTP server. A built in text editor provides a way of editing text or write messages for the website. Image editor, book marks and master password control add value to the application. Data compression and file permission control features are also available.

JustAddMoney Expense Tracker iPhone app

JustAddMoney Expense Tracker iPhone app

This business application can help business groups to control their buying. The multi-user feature keeps track of the spending made through cheques, credit cards, and cash outlay. The categories wise distribution of expenditures and features such as daily report generation helps in avoiding the monstrous credit card bills that can at times become a pain in the neck.

WorldCard Mobile iPhone app

WorldCard iphone app

WorldCard Mobile is one of the prominent applications for business card scanning. The app eliminates the need for manually entering a person’s contact and information. Business cards and email signatures are recognized with the help of Optical Character Recognition technology that makes this application even smarter.

There is a large variety of many useful iPhone applications in Apple’s store for using in different business scenarios. You can edit, store or create documents, control your website, scan business cards, convert data to different forms or manage your customers all with the help of iPhone business apps.