The 5 Best Alternatives To Microsoft Word 0

The 5 Best Alternatives To Microsoft Word

Even before Microsoft started charging yearly for it’s Office suite, people have long been searching for alternatives to Microsoft Word. Whether by choice or necessity, not everyone has Microsoft Word installed on their computer...


Top 4 Social Media Scheduling Tools

Whether you’re a business owner, blogger or a personal user, its likely that posting to social networks takes up a lot of time in your day. In order to keep content flowing at the...

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Major Differences and Similarities Between Android and Apple Devices

]On one hand is Apple who is not only the developer and creator of the iPhone but also the sole manufacturer. On the other is Google, who devices the entire Android platform but let individual manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, LG and Motorola create the handset that runs the Android system. For this reason many Android phones will vary in their functionality depending on the manufacturer.