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Animation is the illusion of movement that is created by moving images at a specific interval of time. Animation has become a very useful mode of marketing, advertising and entertainment today. The animation industry is growing and has a lot of potential in it for artists belonging to different categories. Animation requires a love of drawing, ideas, creativity and patience. While today we may use different techniques that include the use of animation software, famous animators have put in a lot of time in their hand drawn drawings and that is why we know them today.

Budding and amateur animators should invest a lot of time in playing around with their drawing and character development. That is why they should look around for inspiration and focus on what they develop. We have compiled a list of most useful animation blogs and websites that are actively run by animators. All these animation blogs and websites are very useful and can provide a great deal of help to animators in their work. Take a look and feel free to share your views with us. If you love animation, don’t forget to share this blog post with others.


cartoon brew animation

This animation website has all the inspiration that an animator needs to get started. Owned and run by the very famous animators Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi, Cartoon Brew aims at providing the latest news and changing trends in the animation industry. So if you want to stay up to date with animation, check out CartoonBrew

Andys Animation

andys animation blog

Andys animation is a useful animation blog that belongs to character animator Andy Latham from England. This animation blog may be more of a personal blog but can provide a lot of information through the work by the artist. Here is the link: Andysanimation


4mations animation

This is another interesting animation website with a lot f useful animation resources for budding animators. They have setup categories for 2D and 3D artists separately thus giving them a broader horizon to touch. If you want to participate in an animation competition or join an animation festival, you can visit 4mations

Animation Physics

 animation physics

Just like the name suggests, Animation Physics teaches the fundamentals of animation to the beginners. Learn how to animate a character or create motion for your character by learning through the useful animation tutorials by Alejandro Garcia. The site has a lot to offer to the creative animators out there. Here is the link: animation physics

Paperless Animation

 paperless animation

If you are looking for line test animations and behind the scene animations, then this is the animation blog you should visit. There is quite a lot of useful resources and links that would definitely help you create an amazing animation. The link is: Paperless Animation

11 Second Club

 11 sec animation contest

This is not an ordinary animation website but an animation contest website that can help you achieve a big name in the animation industry. Not kidding! All you have to do is sync a dialogue provided by the website with an animation you create and enter the monthly animation contest. The best animation wins a critique from Animation Mentor. You never know, you may win… This is freaking cool! So if you want to try then submit your animation in their animation contest. Here is the link: 11 Second Club

Michaels Animation

 michaels animation

This is another source of animation inspiration that belongs to Michael. You will find a lot of interesting studies and critical evaluation of animations here. A lot for you to read from and apply to your animation. If you want to have a strong hold on your work, then study is good, visit the blog, here is the link: Michaels Animation

Andreas Deja

 andreas animation blog

This animation blog belongs to Andreas Deja, a Disney animator who has an experience of 30 years in the animation industry. If you want a spoonful of animation from this experienced animator, visit his blog: Andreas Blog

Thinking Animation

 thinking animation blog

This is another animation blog that provides information on all types of animation and visual effects. Good for all those animators who want to take a sneak peek into all the elements of animation and VFX. Here is the link: Thinking Animation

Matt Jones Animation

 matt jonez animation

A very useful blog for animators providing a source of inspiration to them. The blog is full of inspiration with drawings, animations and sketches containing gestures, movements, backgrounds and a lot more resources that can help animators achieve their goal. For animation references, here is the link: Matt Jones animation

Nina Paley

 nina paley animation

This animation blog belongs to Nina Paley who is a well known American animator. A very useful resource for animators who want to focus on character development. The animator has provided useful information on character study for character animation. Here is the link: Nina Paley

Go Animate

 goanimate free animation

This animation website provides a software to companies and individuals to create animation for free or with a little fee for business plans. As we know that animation can be used for marketing, advertisement, education and many other purposes, hence, it’s good to take benefit of these opportunities. Create amazing viral videos and promote your website or create a promotional animated campaign for your business for free or a minimal fee. Here is the link: Go Animate

Hand Drawn Animation

 hand drawn animation blog

A very informative and useful animation blog for animation students and artists looking for a dose of inspiration for traditional animation or in other words hand drawn animation. This blog contains links to different useful websites and blogs for animators. This is one of the best hand drawn animation blogs I have come across. Visit the blog here: Hand Drawn Animation


 pixar animation

There is no person in this entire world who has not heard of Pixar animation. If you have seen Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc, and other animated movies that you loved, then you must know that its Pixar behind all these super loved animated movies. Pixar’s official website is one of the most useful resource for 3D animators as well as 2D animators. It’s always good to look at the work of big artists and who else has a bigger name in animation than Pixar? You may know it, but still, here is the link: Pixar

Animation Magazine

 free animation magazine

This animation website takes you a step ahead. If you want to keep an eye on all the latest updates in the field of animation, then subscribe to this free animation magazine. Don’t believe this is free? Even I didn’t! Find it out yourself, here is the link: Animation Magazine

All these animation websites and blogs are a source of great inspiration to all the animators and creative artists out there. If you felt inspired by any of these don’t hesitate to share them with others!

We love your feedback, do let us know if you know about any other animation website or blog that can be a source of inspiration for fellow animators.

All the best with your animation!

Happy animation!