18 Fabulous DIY Crafts and Home Decor Tutorials – Simple and Easy to Follow Crafty Ideas

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DIY or Do-It-Yourself is a term that gives you power and the ability to repair, build or modify things without taking help from an expert or pro. Adopted by many around the world DIY means you create something of your own accord. DIY ranges from crafts, garden, home decor, clothing, kitchenware, furniture and a lot more. If you explore the Internet or books there is a large variety of very simple and cheap DIY project ideas that you can do at home.

Following DIY crafts or DIY home decor ideas can save you lots of money and the bonus will be inner satisfaction at your work. There are many DIY crafts websites on the Internet that provide ample of information  and unique DIY ideas to people looking for them. Needless to say Pinterest is one of the largest photo sharing site where people share their interests in the form of pins that are interesting images they share from around the web. Pinterest is a very helpful site when it comes to looking for DIY inspiration ideas. Today we are sharing an assortment of some of the best and most fascinating DIY crafts and DIY home decor ideas chosen from Pinterest. Hope you will enjoy taking inspiration from these DIY projects. Do let us know which one would you be trying at home!


1. Make a Sparkle Reindeer DIY Art at Home for Just $2

Sparkle Reindeer DIY Art

Pinned by Jocie

This is by far the cheapest DIY you can create. This sparkle reindeer art is not only affordable but its definitely going to earn you a lot of praise from your guests as well as family members. Experiment and see which DIY animal craft you can create at home!

Visit DIY project tutorial here

2. DIY Bohemian Centerpiece Idea

DIY Bohemian Centerpiece Idea

Pinned by Celebrations.com

Won’t you love creating a fascinating candlelit environment at your home? Who wouldn’t? Let’s try this amazing DIY tutorial that will give you awesome tips on how to arrange a Bohemian centerpiece at your home.

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3. Make Your Own DIY Cement Garden Letters

DIY Cement Garden Letters

Pinned by Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen

This DIY tutorial is definitely going to be your favorite garden craft as it will give you a simple step by step guide through how you can create your own cement garden letters. Be like a pro and go ahead, try making this at home!

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4. Create Your own Washi Tape Vase DIY Project

Create Your own Washi Tape Vase DIY Project

Pinned by BrightNest

This cool DIY project ideas tutorial gives you an insight into 7 different ways of how you can use washi tape to create stunning home decor crafts without spending too much. Turn your everyday simple objects into cool and funky masterpieces by looking at this DIY tutorial for some inspiration and ideas.

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5. Create Your Own Glittery Wedding Vases

Create Your Own Glittery Wedding Vases

Pinned by Hibride

If you are a bride to be or sister of the bride you might need some awesome ideas for that special day. This amazing DIY vase decoration tutorial will help you if you have fallen short at ideas. Learn how you can turn a simple jam jar into a beautiful glittery flower vase with the help of this simple DIY craft tutorial. (You might need to translate the page before reading it) Enjoy!

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6. DIY – Six Fresh and Creative Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin

DIY - 6 Fresh and Creative Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin

Pinned by Natalie | Crème de la Craft

We all have ample of ideas to create a decoration piece from a pumpkin but if you are bored of all those Halloween pumpkin faces, then this pumpkin DIY craft project will make it easier for you to play with your imagination. Beautify your home with a pumpkin using these simple DIY tips and creative ideas.

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7. DIY Striped Curtains with Provence Chalk Paint

DIY Striped Curtains with Provence Chalk Paint

Pinned by Lisa Rickert – Annie Sloan Unfolded

Love designer paint striped curtains? Well, this crafty lady has a cheap solution to your expensive needs. Now you don’t need to spend lots of $$$ on a striped curtain, go ahead and make your own at home. Enjoy this very easy curtain making DIY tutorial and create your own awesome curtains in the least budget.

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8. $10 DIY Sunburst Mirror

$10 DIY Sunburst Mirror

Pinned by Jacquie

Tired of seeing the same old mantel pieces or wall mirrors when you go to the market, on top of that their huge prices? Let’s make a $10 suburst mirror at home this weekend? Try this tricky DIY decor project at home and you will not regret it.

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9. DIY Floral Wall Art with Nailhead Trim

DIY Floral Wall Art with Nailhead Trim

Pinned by Ann Drake

Making use of old things that you do need at home is the favorite hobby of many crafty ladies. Here is one such DIY project that will make you use an old shelf and turn it into a wall floral art piece. Hang this beautiful DIY wall art in your hallway or living room or at a wall opposite the window and see how many admire this masterpiece.

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10. 25 DIY No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

25 DIY NO Carve Pumpkin Project

Pinned by Curbly

Tired of all that mess you create when you carve a pumpkin to poke eyes and teeth in it? Save yourself of that extra effort by following these 25 mind blowing DIY pumpkin ideas that you can use without having to carve your pumpkin out. Cool, isn’t it? Have fun!

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11. DIY Starburst Stick Wreath

DIY Starburst Stick Wreath

Pinned by DIY Show Off

If you love creating crafts at home then this is another simple DIY craft project you can try. Create a cool looking sun burst stick wreath with twigs, jute  rope and other things you can easy find at home.

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12. Homemade Pom Pom Chick DIY

Homemade Pom Pom chick DIY

Pinned by ClubChicaCircle.com

If you are a crafty mom or dad looking for crafty ideas for your kids then cute DIY project will help you. Create your own pom pom chick at home and impress your kids with this adorable DIY project. I am sure your kids will learn a lot while sitting beside you.

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13. DIY Toy Story Themed Jessie Costume

DIY Toystory Jessie Costume

Pinned by Emily Parker

Create your own Toy Story themed Jessie costume at home! No this is not a joke. Its all fun and affordable and all you will need is some pieces of cow print fabrics, a fabric marker and a few more things to get this cute little Jessie costume ready at home. Superb!

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14. Create Your Own DIY Chalkboard Tablets

DIY Chalkboard Tablets

Pinned by Shanty-2-Chic.com

There are a few people who have the nerve to create chalkboards at home and I am sure this person is one of them. If you are also someone who loves DIY challenges then take this one on. I am sure you would be creative enough to make this smart looking chalkboard at home.

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15. DIY Basics – Gold Patterned Cactus Planters

DIY Basics - Gold Patterned Cactus Planters

Pinned by Brit Morin

Do you love your garden and crafts at the same time? If so, we have an awesome DIY cactus planter project tutorial that will help you create stunning cactus planters at home. Add more colors to your garden by following this priceless garden DIY project.

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16. DIY Retro Scribble Painted Glassware

DIY Retro Scribble Painted Glassware

Pinned by My So Called Crafty Life

Its summers and its time you can enjoy creating your own glass ware crafts. After following this DIY project, I am sure you won’t have to look for cool glass ware in the market anymore.

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17. DIY No-Sew Splat / Messy Mat

DIY No-Sew Splat  Messy Mat

Pinned by The DIY Mommy

If you don’t want your home to look messy because your baby loves eating/throwing food on the floor or loves to paint or play with messy things then this easy to make DIY no sew splat mat is the solution to all your mess problems. Create your own messy mat at home and make your home look cleaner and brighter.

Visit DIY project tutorial here

18. Original Decorative Lanterns DIY Garden Lights

ORIGINAL DECORATIVE Lanterns diy garden lights

Pinned by New Bee Homeschooler

These stylish looking hanging garden lights were made at home. If you don’t believe it check out this awesome DIY garden lantern making tutorial that will teach you how to make your own handing garden lights at home. You can also find other inspirational home decor ideas at the same site. Enjoy!

Visit DIY project tutorial here

Hope you found these simple DIY craft projects very useful. If you loved them, do share your thoughts with us. Also, do not forget to mention any DIY project crafts you have done lately that make you proud of yourself.