Candid Photography – Some Useful Tips To Get That Perfect Shot

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As much as we love taking photographs by keeping our subject alert, it is more fun to take a candid photograph. Candid photos are those that are shot without any planning at the end of the subject. The person whose photo is being shot does not pose specifically for a photo and the photographer wouldn’t have prepared for that photo at all. It has to do more with spontaneity than perfection.

Some photographers are considered specialists in taking candid shots. Therefore it is not necessary that every photographer can take great candid shots. To follow are some very useful tips to help you take great candid photos:

Stick with the Camera

As the basic concept of candid photography implies you need to take the camera along with you wherever you go. You can encounter numerous situations where your professional skills can apply and you can get rewards for your work.

Don’t Fine Tune

There is no point in adjusting the contrast, brightness and other features when you are going for candid photos. Set the zoom level to the maximum so that you can take photos from a distance without disturbing the normal proceedings.

Use Fast Shutter Speeds

Fast shutter speeds help you minimize the effect of blur due to vibrations of hands and also if you are on the move yourself. Use automatic mode for other settings.

Turn Off the Flash

Candid pictures are frank and honest and your job as a photographer is to keep them that way. Although it might sound harsh, using flash of your camera in taking candid shots is plain stupidity. The unexpected intensity of flash will only take off the real expressions from the face of the subject by prompting them to close their eyes due to the sudden flicker.

Don’t Show Your Intentions

The very concept of candid photos is disturbed if people around you start to feel that they are going to be snapped. Keep the camera in hand and quickly move it up to the eye to capture those moments you had anticipated. Experts also recommend not even lifting your camera up to the eye level. Modern cameras help you visualize the scene through LCD. You can take delightful photos by holding it at the waist height.

Know the Atmosphere

There is a fair chance that you may be seen as a spy if you fully adhere to the principles of candid photography. To avoid any dramas, develop an understanding with the people or the administrators of the gathering for photography.

Keep It Interesting

We have encountered many photos with people sitting and talking and using their mobile or even lost in thoughts. Whatever the situation may be, your focus should be on keeping the photo interesting.

Let Them Get Busy

All set for taking that perfect shot? The perfect scenario is built for candid photography when your subject is busy in their work. It is then up to you as to how you take advantage of those scenes without distracting them.

Take Them By Surprise!

If you are following someone (no, not chasing but following the subject you have to take photo of…) and you know the person, then it might be a good trick to take them by surprise. Hide behind a door or something, stand behind a tree if you are in a park, behind the car or any place from where you can just jump out and that perfect candid shot! Peek A Boo!

Use Burst

There are certain cameras available which help you in taking continuous photos in seconds. In this way you can get that particular moment which you actually aimed for. Take as many photos as you can so that you can choose the better ones afterwards.

In candid photography the real aim is to get as close to reality as possible. It is different from many other forms of photography.

Which of these tricks are you applying next time?