11 Most Important Tricks In Designing An Awesome Company Logo – Most Important Steps To Consider

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Logo is a symbol or trademark for a company. People identify the company or its brands with the logo in advertisement campaigns. The logo design always creates that first impression in the minds of consumers or other stakeholders which will be everlasting. If the product or services of the company are satisfactory the customer will never forget the logo. However, there are a lot of aspects to look at when you design a logo for a certain company. Even if the product is perfect the logo can be a cause of failure. After all, there will always be a first introduction in the market and the logo design will be pivotal. Some key elements to consider while designing a company logo are:

1. Clarity

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The logo which you are designing should be easily recognizable. Complex fonts with blurred and vague images will only create confusion in customers mind. If the logo is going to be used in electronic media then its resizing should not change its shape.

2. Depicting Business In Logo Design


There are various options to directly show the products or business type in a logo. However be attentive to the future requirements of the business. If a business is to expand to multiple domains in the future then refrain from focusing on a specific commodity. For example KFC never showed a burger in its logo design.

3. Importance of Color

The association of a color with a company is made by its logo. Take the logo of Pepsi Cola and Shell as an example. In any marketing campaign their logo’s color is predominant. Take special care of color in the logo design. Not only should color in your logo give a good impression but its application on other places such as equipment, staff uniform and buildings should also give a pleasant look.

4. Show Thick Details

Don’t fill the logo with too many colors and lines. They will always be hard to print or be redrawn on banners, posters etc. Avoid giving too many details in your logo design. If the same message can be conveyed by eliminating minute delicate touches and gradients then there is no need to waste your energy on them.

5. Stick to a Flat Logo Design

Logos with shadows, reflections or reverse orientation of text or animation are always hard to make an impact and to be honest, they don’t leave a very good impression. Most of all they won’t sit in your customer’s mind. A flat logo is long lasting and would make a better impression than a logo with unnecessary drop shadows and outer glows.

6. Depiction of Style

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Although keeping the logo simple is always recommended but it should not compromise on style. At least some artistic touch should be given to simple 2D logos. The look of a logo should never be boring.

7. Font Size

Take special care of fonts, as these will determine the type of business a company runs. Company’s vision and policies are also depicted in its logo. To see a proof of this notice the logos of oil & gas exploration companies. Most of them are bold and in capital letters. This is an indication of their business strength, job security and benefits that they offer.

8. Selection of Typeface

Sure you need an artistic touch on your text but don’t compromise the clarity with fancy typeface. Although skinny style and marquee text is recommended for the likes of entertainment businesses but most of the businesses need a more serious text style. Again, don’t compromise the legibility even if the business demand is for fancier typeface.

9. Use Suitable Software

Graphics software is recommended for logo designing. Adobe Photoshop is not suited for logo design as it an image editing software and does not support vector based image generation. Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator are more suitable software for logo designing.

10. Client’s Input

Sure your logo got selected from a competition after your hard work, but clients opinion and preferences should be given due consideration. Listen carefully to your client’s expectations and act accordingly and if you don’t agree to their wishes, explain with logical reasoning. But don’t forget to keep your back work with you while doing that.

11. Creativity

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Last but not the least; creativity is the backbone of graphic designing. Get inspirations from competitors’ designs in the same business, the atmosphere around you or the television. Only your intuitiveness can bring about new ideas and changes. Don’t make your output one dimensional.

Logo designing is such a multidimensional art that the success ratio for even the best of the designers is usually low. It is precisely why winning logos are paid so heavily by the companies. Graphics, creativity, marketing and software skills all come in to play a definite role in logo designing.