Most Rewarding Web Design Trends To Look Out For In 2015

Design & Media

How do we define what makes a good website; usability, colours, fonts, pictures or even videos? In the ever changing world of image, fashion and what we think looks good, websites and their design play an important part in this. It could be the difference between a large investment, new customers or a larger fan base. It’s 2015 now, a year where everyone has a smart phone, a tablet is a necessity and a laptop is essential so creating a website to suit all and with an ever growing amount of internet users may prove challenging. So the real question is, what makes a good looking website in 2015?


Why use a responsive design? In this day and age where users are no longer mainly computer users but smart phone owners, tablet enthusiasts and laptop worshippers, it is crucial that your web design is optimised for a compatible, smooth viewing experience for users of all tech backgrounds. Features to focus on within this are the ease of navigation around the website i.e scrolling, text, panning all to fit and maintain a good looking site. This concept is becoming the foundation of all websites with a focus within website building tools such as themes within WordPress. When you have a slick website that is optimised for all sized screens, all smart phones, all tablets and all laptops then you’re website is starting to look on point for 2015.

Typography, the do’s and don’ts


Typography is the art of manipulating the text font and printed words to benefit the appearance of the website, become eye catching and lead to an overall good looking site! With dull text and same old fonts a website immediately loses its attraction and therefore audience, who wants to read an article in Times New Roman anyway? Now you might be thinking that this is targeted at a big budget high flying company that an splash out on attractive, original fonts to draw attention to their site  but no, this is applicable to every website builder, owner and aspirer. While the interest and need for great typography is growing, so is the more affordable type kits and if you’re working with no money at all Google Fonts is available free.

Use of Images


We all know what it’s like reading reels of text, mind starts wondering, what am I having for tea tonight, I need to book that dentist appointment, did I call Ben back? No one wants that website! This is where the use of big, colourful, bold, breath taking images comes in; it is the perfect way to engage your audience, draw attention to different aspects of the website and leave a lasting memorable impression on your audience. This simple method, executed in a sophisticated, elegant manner is essential to leave a lasting imprint on the viewer’s mind. Alongside this, what’s better than images, videos! The use of video is great to capture a product, an explanation or even to be humorous to keep the viewer entertained on your page interactively. If posed correctly on the page, a video can completely change the look and feel to the websites benefit, accessible to all viewers a video will draw people in and make the website memorable.

Ghost Buttons


The use of ghost buttons is essential in any modern website. As stated in the title a ghost button is a ‘naked’ button where underneath the background image or colour is visible. Ghost buttons are very popular recently and incorporate the same ethos behind other pioneering designs such as flat design (see next subheading) widely used by the likes of Apple, incorporated in iOS8 and their rivals Android UI framework. Ghost buttons are very bold design choices as they ooze a professional feel amongst a modern and youthful design basis. Ghost buttons come hand in hand with the chosen background of the page to embrace the style choice displayed across the website; therefore linking in the previous focus to big, bold and beautiful background images.

Flat Design


Flat design is the conceptualisation of minimalist desgin with basic form of shapes and images using flat colours. This is a pioneering type of modernised imaging shown throughout iOS8, where they have eliminated shadowing, three dimensional illusions and textures that add depth to the image. This recent style has a lot of hype around it, while the images created may look simple and immature, it is arguable that they look minimalistic and modern, basic and sharp. A huge part of making a website look great is continuity throughout and just as Apple have done with iOS8, flat design fits into this criteria.

Minimalist design, a responsive interface, neat and clean typography, larger background images and other web design trends to follow this year discussed in this post must have opened your web designer eyes and we hope you will enjoy web designing this year even more.