15 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

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Arguably one of the reasons that Google Chrome has become the most popular web browsers is obviously for it’s speed but also for it’s ability to have some really useful and powerful extensions. These extensions range from being able to make Facebook look different to changing your YouTube settings to finding fonts in websites to pushing links to your phone and almost anything you can think of.

What if there were 15 Chrome Extensions that would enable your web designing hands to be used less thanks to some really clever technologies that will speed up your productivity and save you a lot of time. Luckily, we have found 15 best Chrome extensions for web designers and we want to share them with you today. These extensions will do things you’d pay good money to for professional software to do and more.

Responsive Web Designer

best chrome extensions for web designers

This is a brilliant chrome extension that saves a lot of time by allowing you to instantly show the website within the designated devices right within your browser. This will save a lot of time for those web designers who either use a separate site for the job or use a separate app.


best chrome extensions for web designers

With TrackDuck extension you can leave feedback with screenshot for any website or image. Mark a part of a website or design, leave a comment – TrackDuck will take down a screen capture of the highlighted area and record browser version, OS and screen resolution automatically. Every comment with technical details is stored in a web app as a new task. You can also send tasks with screenshots and all the tech details to 17 most popular project management platforms, CMS and team collaboration tools.


best chrome extensions for web designers

ColorZilla has earned itself a lot of respect as a FireFox extension and therefore brought it’s clean and feature-rich offerings to the Chrome web store. The extension allows you to pick out a colour from the page and then paste that colour in it’s RGB code somewhere else and it also allows you to do some really clever CSS gradient tools in which you highlight a space on a web page and it gives you a colour palette.

Font Playground

best chrome extensions for web designersFont playground is basically what the title suggests, it allows you to test web fonts within a drop down menu directly within your browser. This saves you constantly trying out different fonts and having to refresh your test site to see which font looks like what. It’s a time saver for many who love to experiment with different web fonts.

Code Cola

best chrome extensions for web designers

Code Cola is a really clever chrome extension that allows you to select a section of a website and edit the CSS code right there and then. It’s very good for those looking to try out different appearances to certain sections of their website or potentially even the whole site.

What Font

best chrome extensions for web designers

What Font is a clever extension for Chrome that uses a simple selection tool to work out what font the highlighted section is. For a lot of modern and design-conscious developers, finding out other websites’ fonts is a great research and way to find the best for yours.

Instant Wireframe

best chrome extensions for web designers

Instant Wireframe is another clever chrome extension useful for web designers. It allows you to view the website you’re currently on in the form of a wireframe with an overlay. It’s a very useful tool for those looking to either create wireframes of popular websites or for those looking to gain inspiration.

Perfect Pixel

best chrome extensions for web designers

Perfect Pixel is a great chrome extension for those web developers or designers that want their graphics and certain aspects oft heir site to be correct in height and width down to the last pixel. Perfect Pixel allows you to select an area on the page and it will measure the height and width of the pixels of that area. This will be good for those who see a design they like and want to replicate it as closely as they can.

IE Tab

best chrome extensions for web designers

With the recent announcement that Microsoft will be dropping the Internet Explorer name in Windows 10 after a lot of stick from memes on the internet, this Chrome Extension may be more useful than ever. It allows you to directly run your website to test to see if it works in Internet Explorer right from your Chrome browser.

Page Ruler

best chrome extensions for web designers


Have you ever seen a graphic or an image on a page and decided you wanted to create something similar on your website and want to know the exact dimensions so you can replicate it as closely as possible? Then you’ll need a digital pixel ruler and that’s what this chrome extension allows you to do.

Check My Links

best chrome extensions for web designers


If you’ve ever had a broken hyperlink on your website, you know how annoying it can be to go and have to check every other link to make sure they’re working too. This chrome extension allows you to tap it and it will show you with green and red highlights which of your links work and which don’t, simple but useful.

Image Downloader

best chrome extensions for web designers

When it comes to imagery for your website, sometimes you don’t have the time to go out and take your own images so you need to download some from the internet. This little chrome extension cleverly works out the images on the page you’re on and allows you to download whichever ones you want and saves them to whichever format you want also.

Flat Colors Guide

best chrome extensions for web designers


One of the most important things when it comes to modern design, colours are crucial to ensuring your website represents your brand properly. Whether you’re looking for a fun colourful design or a more professional and toned-down look. This chrome extension allows you to have a quick drop-down of flatui.com’s beautiful flat colour selection and the RGB code to go with them.


best chrome extensions for web designers

For those designers that may lack design inspiration or maybe just love to have new ideas in front of them, then the Benchwarmer extension is perfect. It’s essentially a new tab page that offers you different design inspiration every time you open a new tab.

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AppJump App Launcher

best chrome extensions for web designers

Finally, for all those apps and extensions you’ve downloaded to improve your web design life, you’ll need a way to organise them. AppJump is a great way to do that with a little drop down section that allows you to group, launch and control all your chrome apps and extensions within a simple UI.