Are SEO Techniques Really That Helpful?

Business Technology

Search Engine Optimization techniques are used for improving the visibility of a website or blog in the search engine. They are a vital part of the marketing strategy for online businesses. Search engines’ algorithms for web crawling play a big part in the effectiveness of SEO techniques used by the website owners or designers. Therefore, it is never a simple task and website owners have to employ professionals in this field who use multi-prong strategies for the success of those websites. There are many reasons to use SEO and some of them are as follows:

Promotion of the Brand

IT has changed the complexion of how business is conducted. Most of the businesses now own a website and try to take advantage of all the services internet can offer. With higher rankings in the search engine there is a greater probability of traffic coming to the website. In this way more exposure is given to the brand and a greater chance of imprinting it on the mind of the viewers.


If your website is being shown at the first page of a search engine then people will start to trust the authenticity. Confidence building in customers is one the most important job of a marketing strategy. Most of the times, if a customer who wants to buy something; he will conduct multiple related searches. If the website prominently shows up for different search terms he will take more views and as a result develop interest.

More Interested Visitors

With the use of SEO you will get more relevant visitors on your website. This will help decrease the bounce rate dramatically. Now it is up to your website content to keep the visitors engaged. The conversion rate will also increase if it is an online store or contains e-commerce tools.

Lesser Running Costs

There has to be some initial investment for SEO which is mainly the salary of the employee. But once the website gets a standing in the search engines it will keep on attracting traffic for months, if not years. On the other hand marketing methodologies like social website marketing, Adsense or Clickbank will keep leeching money as long as they are being shown. Secondly, it doesn’t matter if the customer on the website actually purchased anything or not your money will still be spent at the rate of clicks or views, whatever the chosen scheme may be.

Status Symbol

Big companies implement many policies which merely come from the ego of their management. If the company’s website shows up ahead of other competitors in the search engine results it will make the IT department or more specifically SEO team proud. Same sense of pride is also sensed by the customers.

Some Misconceptions

Recently the notion of SEO becoming dead has become increasingly popular which actually is not true. Only the spammers who have been misusing Meta tags and descriptions have got the stick from search engines most specifically Google’s Panda algorithm that has affected almost 50% of the websites.

Similarly keyword stuffing is not good for the reader and also for the website owner because the reader won’t pay attention to substandard content which only focuses on keyword density. Therefore, SEO techniques should be employed in an optimized manner to get the desired results.