15 Free PSD Website Mockups for Your Next Web Design Project

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If you are setting up a new website and are looking for inspiration on what works, looks good, modern, fresh and stylish on a budget then look no further. In this article we have composed 15 of what we believe are some great free PSD mock-ups for you new or next web design project.


Projex PSD Website Template

Projex PSD Website Template is a really professional yet inviting template. This balance is not easy to execute but Projex does it well with the light colours against the grey scaled image. Once more the use of ghost buttons and a minimal menu bar show appreciation of modern styles and design.



Hotel Deluxe Website PSD Template

Hotel Deluxe Website PSD Template oozes class and sophistication. If you’re looking to develop a web page hitting a high end market target that reflects the elite content of your page then this template is one to look out for. The colour scheme is complimentary to the style and eye catching with the yellow on the charcoal.


Singolo Flat PSD Website Template

Singolo is a flat design template that looks great. This template features lots of modern styles and techniques that when they’re all combined give this template a very modern and polished feel. Singolo has personality without losing a high end recognition of style, which is sometimes a tricky balance to find.


Explore creative website PSD template


Display PSD Template

Display PSD Template is embraces all things modern and new. This template uses a very simple primary colour scheme and flat design elements throughout, that when combined look very effective. The crisp white backgrounds help to draw the attention and viewers eye to the colourful areas, which when designed tactically can work to the users advantage for directing the audience to various areas of the page.


Web Electric v2 Template PSD

Web Electric v2 Template PSD is a really creative and different template. Where modern, minimal templates are very popular, templates like this with a background story and lots of illustration within the layout are less common, making this refreshing and stand out from the crowd.


Flat & Responsive Portfolio Website Template with HTML

This flat and responsive portfolio web template is a simple and basic template that is perfect for beginners or for those that are looking for a basic template to add a lot of personality and original design. Despite the simple look the menu bar is adds an element of versatility due to it being vertical and minimalistic.


Free PSD Hotel Web Template

This Free PSD Hotel Web Template delivers all the great aspects of a holiday on the landing page alone. This colourful, vibrant and exciting template captures a buzz and excitement that you feel when going on holiday; this draws people in and gets them hook which is a key technique. This template is inspiring in how well everything is executed on this modern, slick template with great animations and an original styled layout.


Silc Website Template

Silc Website Template is a really modern feeling theme that has shown strong design elements being at the forefront of the creation of this template. This contemporary template is neat and crisp making navigation smooth and simple. The colour scheme is neutral and relaxed which is portrayed well.



Starfish is a relaxing and peaceful template that delivers the content and purpose of the page well. This template is very clear and easy to navigate which is a strong pull from an audience perspective, with a clear menu bar and indication of the content from the landing page. The photography used is high resolution and quality which adds a depth of detail and shows professionalism.



Developer is a really good looking template. The neutral colours all tie together to make this template look modern, crisp and neat. Once more this template shows acknowledgement of modern styles and concepts as shown through the great execution of them.  The menu bar is original and interesting which is makes it more appealing for the viewer to explore the web page more.



Foundation Vintage Template

Foundation Vintage Template is a really effective template. It captures the theme and genre of the overall page in a modest subtle way. The typography used is in keeping with the overall look and feel of the template which shows a lot of thought and precision was put into the template.




Orange Rabbit Free PSD Web Template

Orange Rabbit template gives a lot of bang for a free template. This template is especially inspiring due to the bold and incredible top banner. The high quality photography is an essential component of this template as it creates a really overall polished page. The bright oranges against the crisp white looks fresh and visually appealing.


Fashion PSD Template

Fashion PSD Template is very striking and shows lots style through the different elements within the template. The banner at the top is eye catching and looks very professional paired with the vertical menu bar adding an element of individualism and originality. The tile structure of the main body of this template is very classic and a great way to display the content of your web page as this look is very timeless.


Buler Ecommerce Website PSD Template

Buler Ecommerce Website PSD Template is a perfect inspiration starting point for those looking to create a web page for selling contemporary, stylish products. This template is really individual and shows a lot of personality which in itself is respectable and enticing. The colour schemes hit the target audience as the colours combined give a very masculine feel and this e-Commerce page is directed at mens footwear. Overall, this template is very tasteful and stylish.