8 One-Page Scroll Themes for WordPress

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One page scrolling themes are great for a smaller website and those that have not got a huge amount of content to deliver so want to keep their WordPress site simple. Once more, there are a lot of benefits to having a one page scroll theme such as the simplicity to run it, it can arguably be easier to keep organised and there is less content to work with so the website itself can be delivered to a higher quality. Here we have put together some remarkable examples of brilliant one page scrolling themes for WordPress.


Solio – free

Solio is a one page theme that manages to pack in reams of content without making the theme look cluttered and too busy, due to clever design techniques and a bright layout. Solio is a neat and fresh looking theme with crisp white complimenting clean greens and blues. Once more, the simplicity of this theme allows for a huge scope of potential and moulding to suit you, the user. Overall, Solio is bright, simple, easy to run and easy to navigate; all features that are essential to a great WordPress theme.


ZBlackbeard – free

ZBlackbeard is a really modern, minimal and well-designed WordPress theme, which takes a professional spin on a one page scrolling theme. This theme is carries the modern styles through to modern widgets, modern animations and even a fully responsive layout, which is a modern necessity. Once more, this already beautiful theme is very easy to customise, whether you are a beginner to WordPress or an advanced user,  ZBlackbeard is accessible to all.


Zerif Lite – free

Zerif Lite shows smooth confidence in a classic meets modern style. This theme allows for a lot of content to be included whilst still looking spacious and bright, which is an incredible attribute to be found within a one page scrolling theme. Zerif Lite is bright, easy to use so great for beginners as well as having advanced features with theme options panels and customisation abilities.


Starter – free

Starter is an incredibly modern and confident feeling theme. This one page scrolling WordPress theme is packed with features such as being SEO friendly and fully responsive. Once more, a personal touch could easily be added this cleanly designed theme through the vast customisation options. In addition to this, this theme includes parallax scrolling which is a really advanced, modern and confident element.


Limo – free

Limo is a bright, interactive and friendly WordPress theme, as well as looking incredibly professional and polished. This one page scrolling WordPress theme comes with a full-width slider to allow for more content to be added neatly, a fresh background to compliment the content within the foreground and a responsive carousel slider. In addition to all these great features, this theme is fully responsive and comes with integrated fonts and contact forms.


Agency – free

Agency is an incredibly smooth, free WordPress theme. Agency shows smooth style and confidence is design with a simple layout featuring bold, eye catching elements to it. This stylish WordPress theme features social links, so if you’re looking for increased traffic and attention to your website. Once more, this theme is a great choice to use for putting a personal stamp on a page and having a theme that runs really smoothly as well as being very easy to navigate. This highly developed theme is completely free, which makes it accessible to all users no matter what the budget is.


Business One – free

Business One is a very professional and sleek theme that would suit any modern looking website. The dark contrasting the light with the subtle orange really make this theme stand out. This theme is fully responsive, supports parallax and is translation ready Once more, this theme is neat and is sure to compliment the content added. Overall, this WordPress theme has huge potential to represent any user.


Cuda – free

Cuda is a super modern, fresh and eye catching theme. This WordPress theme shows strong recognition for modern styles and looks through the minimal and simple layout as well as the flat design illustrations and colour palettes. Cuda is a smooth one page scrolling WordPress theme and shows professionalism and strong design elements within the responsive layout. This highly evolved and crafted theme is completely free, which allows all users to achieve such a high quality theme with a low budget.